What is Working It? Who is Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D.?

It's me! I'm wearing cabi Fall 2015 clothes. Photo by  Bill Ruhsam

It's me! I'm wearing cabi Fall 2015 clothes. Photo by Bill Ruhsam


What is Working It?

Working It is a blog about workable style for career, parenting, play, and more. It’s about real style for your real life. We work. We are moms. We may go out for drinks, to the museum, or to the playground. We may travel or run errands. We may work from home. We may be a stay-at-home mom. We may work in a dressy office. We may go to church or temple. Or the opera. We need outfits for the full range of our lives that allow us to work it. That’s what I’ll focus on.

I’ll focus on working it. On making our current wardrobes work. On finding new pieces to fill wardrobe holes. I'll focus on new clothing and styles that fit our lifestyles and work with our current wardrobes. I’ll look at ways you can develop your style and feel confident with your style choices and more confident in yourself.

Working It is for any woman. I will discuss styles for the office type workplace, but you do not need to have an office job. I will talk about style for parenting in, but you don’t need kids (many of these will also work for weekends). I’m 40, and will be presenting style that work for women in their 40s, but will also work for anyone from the college intern to the retired world traveler.  I will focus on style for what we do and who we are.

A big focus will be on versatile garments and making  one garment work in at least seven different types of outfits from casual, to date night, to career (business casual to dressy), to special occasion. Almost any garment can be such a powerhouse, if we know how to (you got it!) work it!

I’ll focus on working it, so you can work it!


Who is Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D.?

Hello! I am Jennifer, the author (blogger) of this here blog. I’m a married 40-year-old mother of an adorable toddler. I work in a Fortune 500 company, but telecommute at least half the week. I’ve always enjoyed style and fashion. As I discuss in a post, I am a huge cabi fan. Some might say addict. It’s really through my love of cabi that I’ve begun putting my love of style and fashion to use. With cabi I’ve felt more comfortable styling outfits. I started by styling outfits within a season of cabi, but now particularly love styling outfits from a mix of seasons and even (gasp) with other labels. I’ve learned a lot about styling and outfit composition and how to work one garment in so many ways. After posting my outfits of the day on Instagram, I decided to branch out and put my skills to use in a blog.  Thanks for joining me!

Want to know more? I’m a runner (with five marathons under my belt), an ex-academic, a reader, a writer, a researcher, and a traveler (when I can). I’m a Maine Native, living in Georgia. I have my Ph.D. in Technical Communication & Rhetoric. I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into that Ph.D., so I do include the title when I can! I’m a geek, and will present some fun geek chic looks. I crochet and occasionally do other creative endeavors. I have two cats and an atypical household. I drink a lot of tea and water. I don’t get enough sleep. I’m often exhausted. I’m not sure if I have time for this. But, I want to find it!


Want to know more? Just ask!