Why a style blog?

I have always loved fashion and clothing. When I was a kid, I considered going into fashion design. But I felt I needed a career that was more intellectually challenging. I figured I could do some of the fashion on the side--not as a career, but a creative hobby. * So, I (literally) began studying rocket science in college (although I changed my major halfway through).

Well many years have passed and my love of fashion and clothing design has been limited to costuming and making my own outfits. It's past time to start pursuing that dream.

Along the way I found and fell in love with cabi clothing. (for those not familiar, cabi is a line started by Carol Anderson, which is mainly sold by fashion stylist through home shows. It's a bit like Tupperware for fashion, but with a fashion show, samples to try on, and the advice of s stylist and all your friends. I'll explain it more in future posts.) I really cannot say enough about cabi. The clothes a stylish, flattering for a wide variety of bodies, and versatile. I also love shopping with friends in my home. It’s fun. They give honest feedback and help me choose the right pieces. cabi clothes quickly became a part of my wardrobe and then most of my wardrobe.  One thing I loved was how easy it is it to make outfits with the cabi clothes. One of my first cabi stylists would have me come over and play with the collection with her, making outfits she would then share with other stylists and sell to her customers. This was so much fun!

As my cabi wardrobe grew, I began mixing season and creating even more outfits.  I realized I love putting outfits together, especially with cabi. As it turns out, this is something many people struggle with. So, why not pursue that fashion dream and my skills and love of making outfits? Thus, this blog.

A big focus will be on taking a single clothing item and working it in a variety of outfits from casual, to work, to dressy. From date to playground.

I will also show you how to take clothes you already own and work them in new and fun ways. I'll look at trends, provide tips, share my own fashion challenges, share my own outfits, and more.

As a professional in a Fortune 500 company, a mother of a toddler, a partner, runner, a geek, and opera fan, my life is crazy and I need clothes that work for everything. I'm focusing in the same for you--things that work in the office, at home with kids, on a date night, in a park playing, going out to a nice restaurant, and more. Things that reflect the full woman, not just one segment.

I recently turned 40, so the styles I'm looking at are one that work for my age. But most of them are ageless and can work or inspire anyone from the college intern to the retired world traveler.

Join me on this style adventure, whether you are a stay at home mom, DINK, or a mother who also works outside the home; whether you are young or old; whether you are svelte, skinny, average, curvy,  or rotund. Let's work it!


* I'm not saying that a job in the fashion industry is not intellectually stimulating. I'm saying a much younger me thought this. I realize that a career is fashion is very creatively intellectually stimulating, and stimulating in other ways. I'm not sure as an adult if it has the level of analytical stimulation I would like--especially not the areas I would be most interested in. I'm also not trying to relegate fashion to a hobby. More that I would try to find ways to answer this love in hobby ways, like costuming or drawing fashion.