POW Saturday Edition Week 1b: Play Day at the Track Saturday

Outfit Mission Statement: Reach for your comfort classics in clean crisp colors and add a nice jacket for a comfortable, classy look

Play Day Saturday are clothes for taking your kids to the park, running errands, talking your dog for a walk, shopping, picnicking, travel, going to a museum or a zoo—out and about or home having fun clothes. These are the clothes you often live the best parts of your life in! The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi fall 2015 Media Jacket. This jacket may not say “park” or “dog walk” to you—it is on the more dressy side. But, even if you reserve this comfy outfit for something less casual, it will work nicely for a variety of things! The secret is—I’m wearing tack pants (or joggers). These are not designed for the track or working out, although I wish my running clothes were this comfortable. But they are still a very causal style and extremely comfortable! These are the same pants worn in the Manic Media Monday POW post for this POW series. See how they work for work or errands? The other secret is a nice tee shirt. This is a long sleeved tee with an oversized swing feature. So, I’m just wearing a tee shirt! But it looks all fancy. The white helps with that. Take track pants, add a tee and a jacket and look what you can wear! And you can be as comfortable (or more so) than that mom in mom jeans and her husband’s tee (plus your husband may get less grumpy). Of course, the Media Jacket pulls the two casual, comfy pieces together in a striking outfit. Depending on your workplace, this could even be work appropriate!


  • Reach for nice and trendy versions of your favorites, like a tee shirt, to be comfortable and look good.
  • When going for comfort, look for colors, patterns, and styles that dress up more easily. A clean dark black will look nicer than a faded black or gray. A clean white is always striking.
  • Go beyond the jeans and yoga pants. Yes, they are comfortable. But you may find pants that are even more comfortable and more versatile. Plus, you can play with different silhouettes.
  • Think of ways to mix casual and professional clothes for casual outfits that work when you want to look a little nicer than your default casual—nice jacket can always pull a look together and add some sophistication to even the most casual pieces.


Outfit Breakdown:

The clothing items in this outfit are all cabi Fall 2015 and no longer available. Contact me if you must have it and I may be able to direct you to a stylist who has it. I offer ways to substitute from you own closet or alternatives below. I normally will make the POW a currently available item, but my blog launched later than planned.

  • Jacket: Shown is the Fall 2015 cabi Media Jacket, which is now unavailable. From your own closet, you can substitute a cropped jacket and/or a flashy jacket in a shorter style. Or, if you want to purchase, here are a few other cropped jackets to consider instead: 
  • Pants: Like the other cabi pieces in this post, these are Fall 2015 and no longer available for order (likewise contact me if you must have them and I will see if I can find a stylist with leftover samples). 
    • Traveler Pant: These are Spring 2016 cabi pants and I’ve hear they are so comfortable (I’m finding out today!)—the color is not as dressy, but olive green can work wonderfully as a neutral ($119.00)
    • Joie Mariner B. Track Pants: Very similar to the track pants shown, but pricier ($168.00) 
    • Gap’s Flannel Joggers: More casual than the track pants shown, but more affordable (and on sale! $34.99)
    • Crepe Joggers: The crepe should make these work quite nicely for work ($25.00)
  • Tee Shirt: This tee is the white cabi Fall 2015 Swing Tee, and not available. But there are some cabi and other alternatives: 
    • U-neck Tee: This is a fabulous drapery tee—I love mine from last spring and the combo is a favorite! ($76.00) 
    • Asymmetrical Tank: This tank comes in white or gray and has a great asymmetrical hem. Either color would work, but the white would match this the most closely for the pop of polish ($79.00) 
    • Long Sleeved Double-V Tee: This has the oversize appeal, with some tapering at the bottom, which does well hiding flaws. The heather white fabric may look more casual ($79.00)
    • Peri Swing Tee: By Anthropologie is more casual, in a heathered gray, but has a similar shape (sale $39.95) 
    • Sharkbite-Hem Long-Sleeve Swing Tee: Sold at Neiman Marcus Last Call also has a similar, but exaggerated, shape (sale $32.50)
  • Shoes: These are an old, beloved pair of A2s from Aerosoles. Here are some in-stock options: 
    • Stroler: Similar look, without the cutout (sale $39.99) 
    • Teashop: For something easier to run around in, these are ballet flats with cool colors (prices vary) 
    • Lambada: Slide slits, open-toes, and a zipper for a smooth, trendy professional look. ($89.99) 
    • Layette: These leather sandals are fun, comfort, and trend in one ($89.00)
  • Earrings: These are older Stella & Dot pieces, but they have a few that are similar: 
    • Sentiment Stone Drops: The smoky quartz is close to what I am wearing here, but there are nice blue and turquoise ones ($49.00) 
    • Isla Drops: These may have been part of the same collection, but are smaller, aqua, and round ($29.00)

Want an outfits that follows the same rules, but with spring pieces? Consider the cabi Spring 2016 Piazza JacketU-neck Tee, Traveler Pant, Layette sandals, and the cute Helios Necklaces.