Pleated Star POW: Cozy Cabled Rocky Coast Saturday

Outfit Mission Statement: For a cozy take on a pleated skirt, add comfy pieces like a big cowl-neck sweater and suede boots

Play Day Saturday are clothes for taking your kids to the park, running errands, talking your dog for a walk, shopping, picnicking, traveling, going to a museum or a zoo—out and about or home having fun clothes. These are the clothes you often live the best parts of your life in! The POW (Piece of the Week) is the Pleated Star Skirt from Canvas by Lands’ End. This outfit, especially with the boots, makes me feel like I should be walking along the costs of Maine in the fall—warm cable sweater over a pretty skirt with some (more or less) practical boots. I can see it in my head. A gray day, with some fog, crashing surf, rocky shores, a crisp feel to the air, and some color in the trees. Why this picture? Partially because this sweater seems like an updated and stylish fisherman’s sweater. Partially because I’d often throw a cozy sweater on for warmth over a pretty outfit, when doing something like walking in cold weather; and often it didn’t matter if the sweater, flannel, or whatever went with what I was wearing. I just was adding warm. Of course, in this case, the sweater goes quite well, and the combined outfit is cozy, and pretty, and as good for walking a museum as walking a rocky coast.

I do show two versions of this—one with flats and one with boots. This is to show the transitional versatility of the skirt and sweater. You can wear flats if it is still warm or transition to boots if it is colder. And feel free to go more practically with the boot. I’d be wearing some wellies if I had them for this outfit, but I didn’t at the time (I do now, expect to see them soon1).


  • Don’t rule out some of your childhood clothing practices, like throwing a big sweater on over a pretty outfit for warmth, but do consider ways you can make this work into a cute outfit
  • A big cozy sweater will add a casual, comfortable feel to a fancy pleated skirt
  • Don’t be afraid to throw on casual boots, wellies, or rain boots with a pretty pleated skirt for a casual and practical look
  • Have a favorite outfit? You can make it work in another season, or transitioning between seasons, by switching out the shoes (swap flats for boots and vice versa)
  • For a more casual, walking-the-rugged-Maine-coast look, keep to a neutral color palette, such as white, navy, and gray
  • If you live anywhere that has some cold winter days, make sure you have a wardrobe staple cozy cable sweater, such as the one here, in a neutral color—it will become a go-to piece and can easily be dressed up or down!
  • With a mixed metal necklace, you can accessorizes in any of the metals in the necklace for a put-together look


Outfit Breakdown:

Interested in purchasing? If my post inspired you to buy the lovely Pleated Star Skirt from Canvas by Lands’ End or other items from Lands’ End, please consider using my referral link. I’ll get 25% off my next order and be very grateful! Let me know you used my referral link, and give you a shout out including links to your social media.


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