My Personal November Style Challenge

What is keeping you from being the chic fashionista you know you are?

We all have things we could work on with our style. Maybe we wear too much black. Perhaps we default to wearing the same safe outfits. Maybe we do not wear all the scarves we have. Maybe we never wear sunscreen or eye liner. We all have our style challenges. They may not even be things we think about when we get dressed in the morning, but they are things that we feel are limiting our ability to be the chic fashionistas we really are. Whatever your challenge, and whatever your reason, here in an opportunity to grow.

Take part in my Personal Style Challenge for November. Think about how you want to grow and evolve your style. Think about what is holding you back and Work It! Choose to work on that one area for the month of November. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. So, you can change this style challenge into a style strength, in just one month.

My challenges:

Since November is my birth month, I’m going to really challenge myself with three Personal Style Challenges:

Less of these

Less of these

  • Layering necklaces: I have so many necklaces. However, I don’t tend to think about layering them. Also, I’m not the most confident at layering necklaces. So, I am challenging myself to layer necklaces in November!
  • Fewer ponytails: I have done this one before, but I need to work on it some more. Ponytails are my default hairstyle, and more so as a toddler mom. I just got my haircut, and I’m ready to rock it down or up in different ways. I’m also saving some ideas on Pinterest. So, I challenge myself to wear fewer ponytails in November!
  • Water: I used to be a solid eight-or-more-cups-of-water-a-day person. But now I am slacking and I need to pick this back up. It is better for my health, my skin, and even my allergies.  Bring on the hydration, November!


My plan:

Walking away from the ponytail?

Walking away from the ponytail?

My plan for all three is simple: layer necklaces, wear my air in different styles, and drink more water.  I have a great necklace collection, with some fabulous pieces from Shine Chaser Jewelry, Solid Treasures, and, just recently, eBSe (I have two fabulous stylists: Suzanne Joffrion Stylist ID #246131 and Kathy Roush Stylist ID #246276).

I may report back and post pictures (probably not many of drinking water). I’ll certainly be talking about this on Instagram, so follow me there for more!

So, what about you? Do you have any personal style challenges you want to conquer? If so, join me! Select a challenge for you to work on, develop a plan, and let’s kick those style challenges to the curb! Use the tag #WorkingMyPersonalStylechallenge to show us how you are doing on Instagram. Or, leave a note for me in the comments here.

I am even working on a prize for one of you who worked their personal style challenge! I’ll post what it is once I have that worked out!