Beyond POW: Faux Fur and Real Curves Thursday

Outfit Mission Statement: To rock a faux fur, focus on neutral and natural pieces that emphasize your curves

TTT Thursday outfits are Trendy, Transitional, and/or Terrific—in other words my choice. It can be whatever other outfit ideas the garment gave me. It may be something very trendy, transitional, terrific, or something else. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the Beyond Tee from cabi Fall 2016. This POW we are going for Trendy and Terrific. The faux fur vest is a very on trend statement fur and such a cozy fun option for fall. The utility pant is also on tread, and, of course, cutie booties are!

One of the terrific things about this outfit is the mix of neutrals—cream, acorn, brown, and jade. This creates a calm feel, while popping the luxury of the faux fur vest. The draping adds a feminine feel without being overly girly.


Beyond Tee Styling Technique: Draped Curves

To rock the “Draped Curves” technique:

  1. Put it on the normal way with the tag in back
  2. Take each panel and wrap it around your side to the back, with right panel going to the right and left to the left
  3. Cross the panels in back, pulling the right one to the left and left one to the right
  4. Bring the panels around to the front
    1. Keep the panels at waist level
    2. Keep the panels smoother, not gathered
    3. Check your wrap—the left panels should now be coming around your right side and the right panel around your left side
  5. Take the top corner of the bottom of each panel and tie in a knot at your natural waist 
  6. Let the bottom corners hang down, creating a fun draped look that will emphasize curves while hiding the tummy
Draped Curves Front

Draped Curves Front

Draped Curves Back

Draped Curves Back


  • When rocking a flashy faux fur vest, mix is with calm neutrals to put the emphasis on the soft fur
  • The faux fur vest doesn’t require longer sleeves, feel free to combine it with sleeveless or short sleeved tops before it get too chilly—this will also extend how long you can wear it
  • Look for tops that emphasize your waist, especially when layered under a bulky open vest—this will show you have curves under the fur
  • If your booties and the hem of your pants are not getting along, consider rolling the pants above the bootie: this will show off the botties and not lead to the awkward pants bunching above the bootie
  • To keep the outfit more casual, go for simpler accessories with the faux fur vest—otherwise it can get loud quickly (which can be good too, but is less casual)
  • If you do not already have them, consider adding a utility style pants to your wardrobe—they are versatile, on-trend, and practical
  • Choose a stone or other natural element (such as wood or leather) to any accessories with the faux fur—this works with the faux fur to create a natural look


Outfit Breakdown:



If you would like the Beyond Tee, contact your cabi stylist. If you do not have one, please contact me in the comments or via email, reach out to my (Joni Allen via email or phone: 770 502-5243 [call or text]), or find a cabi stylist near you.



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