Plaid POW: Manic Flannel Monday

Outfit Mission Statement: For a cozy yet professional look, take one casual flannel and add lots of professional pieces

Manic Monday outfits are easy career clothes to throw on for manic Mondays. This Monday we focus on mixing casual flannel into a work appropriate outfit. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the L.L. Bean Slightly Fitted Scotch Plaid Shirt in Deep Evergreen Tartan. The secret to wearing plaid flannel to work is to treat it like a normal cotton button-down shirt. Depending on where you work, you may be able to just wear the flannel shirt. However, if your workplace is more formal than that, consider layering. Put a cardigan or V-neck sweater over the flannel for a cozy take on a classic business look. This will tone down a bright flannel, like I am wearing, and also add a layer (literally) of professionalism—the casual flannel becomes office ready! After that, keep the rest of your outfit professional to further balance the casualness of the flannel. You don’t have to go overboard with the professionalism of the other pieces—we’re not talking a black suit, bun, and pearls (save that for Working It Wednesday). But do make sure they are all work appropriate and not borderline professional. Here I selected a navy skirt, which added a neutral while tying in with the shirt, and a cardigan. My jewelry is on the simpler side but still has a bit of sparkle. I did go with a bun for that added touch of professionalism. Overall, this is a cozy, cute, and professional outfit, perfect for Manic Mondays! I love this look. It does have a feel of a Maine librarian or Kindergarten teacher to me; both cozy & practical.



  • Wear the flannel shirt like a normal cotton-button down 
  • Add a layer of professionalism (and possibly tone done the flannel) over the flannel via a cardigan or V-neck sweater 
  • When incorporating a casual piece, always make sure the other pieces are professional to balance
  • Consider adding a belt if the cardigan or sweater gives you a boxier shape to turn it into something more hourglass (this may be more necessary with that thicker flannel shirt under the sweater/cardigan)
  • Keep accessories on the neutral and simpler side, but you don’t need to go completely professional or safe
  • Top the look off with a bun or other more formal hairstyle to ensure you project professionalism
  • Show off peeks of the bright flannel by having the hem show beneath the cardigan and rolling the sleeves over the cardigan sleeves for a more modern take


Outfit Breakdown:

  • Flannel Shirt: L.L. Bean Slightly Fitted Scotch Plaid Shirt in Deep Evergreen Tartan          
  • Cardigan: This is the cabi Fall 2104 Billi cardigan and no longer available. However, cabi Spring 2016 has several great cardigans:
  • Skirt: This is the cabi Spring 2013 Bon Voyage skirt and only available via used or sample sales (like on ebay). For a brand available option, consider the Lido Skirt from cabi Spring 2016 collection—it’s navy also but a pencil skirt style. 
  • Belt: I think I got this from Target a year or so ago. Al you need is a simple thin belt like these, these, or this.
  • Shoes: I bought these several years ago from Mod Cloth. Here are some similar they have available now: 
    • Jaunts and Needs: With front laces, cutout, and hidden platforms, you can bee professional and cute 
    • Live in the Presents: A Navy heel with a strap and bow detail that is both sweet and professional (also in beige)
    • Take your Dances: A powder blue with a t-strap, peep toe, and cutout, this heel will give anything a vintage feel. 
  • Earrings: These are cabi Fall 2014 Vintage Stud earrings in silver and black and not available. But, consider these Stella & Dot options:
    • Vintage Crystal Studs: These are about the same size and I tend to wear these interchangeably  
    • Déjà vu Studs: With a pearl on one side and s spike on the other, you can go classy or edgy
  • Necklace: This gunmetal and silver bar necklaces is by Shine Chaser Jewelry. While she does not currently have a bar necklace available, you can probably custom order one or choose one of her many other lovely pieces, such as the Green & Black Paper Bead Pendant with Hematite Bead Accents  



If you love the idea, but want something more apropos of the warming temperatures, consider the embroidered denim Bardot Shirt, Michelle Cardigan, and the Lido Skirt from cabi Spring 2016 collection. Add the Green & Black Paper Bead Pendant with Hematite Bead Accents necklace, Vintage Crystal Studs, and Head Role heels.