Love POW: Just add Sparkles, Fur, and Beads to make it Sunday Best

Outfit Mission Statement: Take a pretty blouse and a neutral pencil skirt and turn it into a sophisticated special occasion outfit with fur, sparkles, beads, and mixing a single metal

Sunday Best POW outfits are special occasion clothes for dinning, theater, opera, holiday parties, church, and other such occasions that need something special. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi fall 2015 Love Blouse. With the gathered ruffle-like collar and lovely colors, this blouse easily works for special occasions. It’s easy to dress it up with nice accessories and a skirt. I’m wearing a classic navy pencil skirt here, for slim lines and a neutral to play the other pieces off of. The skirt is also a ponte knit, so I am comfortable and can move easily, including squatting on the ground with my toddler. After the lovely blouse and the neutral skirt, it’s all about special accessories to bring up the glam. Most striking may be the faux fur-trimmed Twist scarf. This adds elegance and warmth (why are places always so cold?). Plus, as mentioned in Friday’s Spicy Sweet Friday Night Drinks, the scarf can add a bit of flirtation too! The long gold earrings add sophistication and fun. I don’t wear these enough, because they are “big” for my day-today look (I don’t tend to go big in the jewelry department. I’m working on it. It may become a Personal Style Challenge I try to conquer later this year.) But I do love occasions when I feel I can bring them out. It’s nice to have statement earrings! The length and style draw attention to my face, neck, and hair, adding a bit of sex appeal too. I continue the gold accents, with a gold belt (actually it’s a necklace, see Wednesday’s Working it Lady-Like for more on this and the belt/bracelet combo worn professionally). Then we get to my shoes. These lovely sparkly shoes are nice in that they are not over-the-board sparkles. It’s more subtle, if you can say that about stiletto sparkling heels! The clutch, which my son loved, is gold and silver beads, and add a fun vintage accent. Together, I have a look that is comfortable (except maybe the shoes), dressy, flattering, and fun.



  • Start your special occasion outfits with a lovely blouse with feminine details
  • Have one main neutral garment that can act as a base for the rest of the outfit
  • While mixed metals are in, focusing on accenting with a single metal in various tones creates a more elegant look and one that may be easier for many (mixing metals can be hard for some)
  • When working with various tones of the same metal, do keep the metals separate so the differences don’t conflict
  • Look for ponte pencil skirts for elegance, clean lines, and comfort
  • Adding fur, sparkles, and beads can make anything fancier or cheaper—limit each by choosing items where it is more subtle or an accent, not the full thing (if one is the full thing, tone the others down even more)
  • Consider statement earrings—statement necklaces have been in for a while, but sometimes, especially when you have a striking collar, earrings are the better choice
  • Have at least one awesome pair of “wow” heels with some fun attribute like sparkles (or bows, or zippers, or whatever)
  • Realize you can do special occasions with separates and it may be both more fun and more striking


 Outfit Breakdown:

The clothing items in this outfit are all cabi Fall 2015, and no longer available. Contact me if you must have something and I may be able to direct you to a stylist who has it. Look for substitutes from your own closet or check out the alternatives below. I normally will make the POW a currently available item, but my blog launched later than planned and I wanted to share these outfits. The next POW will be of an available item, I promise!

  • Blouse: This is the cabi Fall 2015 Love Blouse. To find a substitute from your own closet, look for a feminine blouse with a special feature. If you don’t have quite the right blouse to substitute in your closet, consider these cabi Spring 2016 alternatives: 
    • Vita Blouse: This gorgeous draped blouse is also sleeveless, and has a sexy cutout in the back
    • Bella Top: This feminize, fluttery blouse has a similar feel to the love blouse
    • Tivoli Top: This fierce black and taupe blouse has plenty of cool features
  • Skirt: This ponte knit is a vintage cabi skirt, and not available. However, the Lido Skirt from cabi Spring 2016 collection would be a perfect replacement. This classic pencil skirt is in navy and has a tiered hem for a feminine touch that still can work as a neutral in your special occasion outfit.
  • Scarf: This is the cabi Fall 2015 Twist Scarf, which sold out in black and cream. You can go a few different ways to substitute. You can go with fur or a scarf, or, if you find it a combination. Here are some options: 
    • Marabou Bolero Shrug: By INC International Concepts and sold at Macy’s this is a faux fur shrug
    • Persian Cartouche Burnout Shawl: By the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store, this shawl is a striking black scarf with bright colors and a rug design
    • Louis XIV Arabesque Burnout Shawl: Also from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store, this striking silver and black large shawl will allow you to bring your metal (silver in this case) into your shawl too
    • Dunand Deco Floral Scarf: This stunning black, white, and gray has a leaf design based on a beautiful lacquered wood panel and is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store
  • Earrings: This are ones I’ve had for quite a while—they are Stella & Dot Devon chandelier earrings. They are not sowing on the site, but here are some great alternatives: 
  • Belt: I am wearing the cabi Fall 2015 Heirloom necklace as a belt—the necklace converts into several different pieces. The cabi Spring 2016 Locket Necklace is also a convertible piece and can be worn as a bracket and belt also, and has a similar feel to the Heirloom.         
  • Shoes: Jennifer Lopez’s Women's Metallic High Heels—I’m shocked they are still available at Kohl’s! I got these last year and now they are only $39.99!
  • Clutch: This is a vintage clutch (I’m guessing from the 1950s or 1960s) that my mom bought me for Christmas. I’ll put the shop name in where she got it when she gets back to me.
  • Griffin’s necklace: Griffin loves my jewelry and hair stuff and always wants to wear my jewelry, have a ponytail, or have hair pins in. So, I commissioned this necklace from Shine Chaser Jewelry, based off her cute elephant earrings. Griffin adores it!

For a Spring cabi 2016 version of this, with mixed silver (instead of gold) try the: Vita Blouse, Lido Skirt, with the Louis XIV Arabesque Burnout Shawl, Casablanca Chandeliers, Metallic High Heels (in Pewter), and Vintage Silver Clutch Purse.