Love POW Week 2: No place like Tuesday in a Blouse

Outfit Mission Statement: Chose a trendy jean and a personality-reflecting blouse for a casual, up-to-date outfit that says a lot about you


Welcome to the second week of our love POW series. Remember, POW stands for Piece of the Week, where I show off a week’s worth of outfits focused around one piece, styled seven different ways. I break this “week” of outfits over two weeks, in part to prevent too crazy of a posting schedule! This week I will be posting Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sunday I will then post the next POW. Check out last week’s post for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, which focus on career clothes, date night clothes, and special occasion.

No place like Tuesday outfits are casual, comfy clothes for working from home, working at home, stay at home parenting, and anything else where comfort is key and you are home. Although they will work for errands and anything where casual is key. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi fall 2015 Love Blouse. The Love Blouse is not inherently casual, but can be part of a casual outfit with the right touches. Combine a romantic blouse with ripped jeans and you have a pretty and edgy look that can be the basis for many an outfit. This is not only the base for this Tuesday casual outfit, but also for the Spicy Sweet Friday Night Drinks outfit! Thus, you could go from day to night with a few adjustments. For the casual look, I added a casual lace-up sneaker/tennis style shoe and some simple earrings. Nothing fancy. But this is a cute casual look that works well at home, running errands, playing with kids in the park, going to a practice, shopping, checking out a farmers market, and more. While casual, this outfit does more than the tee shirt and jeans that you might wear instead. This is more flattering and it tells us something about you without using a word. Depending on the blouse, it may say you had a soft side, a creative side, a fun side, or some other side they may want to know. It says you value yourself and possibly whatever you are doing enough to put something a bit nicer on. It also says you are stylish. The jeans add a bit of street to the outfit, creating something trendy, pretty, and lifestyle friendly!



  • Think about how you can take a blouse and pair of jeans and dress it down for day and turn it up for nigh
  • Go beyond the mom jean and tee shirt by replacing the tee with a pretty shirt or blouse
  • Consider ripped jeans or some other fashionable jean trend instead of the classic blue jeans for a more up-to-date and memorable look
  • Choose a blouse that says something about who you are—romantic, creative, sporty…
  • If you are rocking one trendy item, like ripped jeans, make the other clothing items more classic pieces to give the outfit depth and personality
  • Look for comfortable, cute sneaker/tennis style shoes for added comfort and to work best in a busy lifestyle 
  • Do a messy jeans roll for the added touch of casual street
  • See the Spicy Sweet Friday Night Drinks post for more information on choosing and wearing ombré blouses



Outfit Breakdown:

The clothing items in this outfit are all cabi Fall 2015, and no longer available. Contact me if you must have something and I may be able to direct you to a stylist who has it. Look for substitutes from your own closet or check out the alternatives below. I normally will make the POW a currently available item, but my blog launched later than planned and I wanted to share these outfits. The next POW will be of an available item, I promise!

  •  Blouse: This is the cabi Fall 2015 Love Blouse. To find a substitute from your own closet, look for a feminine blouse with a special feature. If you don’t have quite the right blouse to substitute in your closet, consider these cabi Spring 2016 alternatives: 
    • Vita Blouse: This gorgeous draped blouse is also sleeveless, and has a sexy cutout in the back
    • Bella Top: This feminize, fluttery blouse has a similar feel to the love blouse
    • Plaza Top: This classic, flowing blue and white blouse has a cute Henley collar
    • Tivoli Top: This fierce black and taupe blouse has plenty of cool features
  • Jeans: These are the cabi Fall 2015 Dark Destruction Slim Boyfriend, and yup, no longer available. However, there are two great cabi Spring 2016 options: 
  • Shoes: These are an older leather version of the BeanSport Lace-up Shoes. I love the comfort and coolness of these shoes. L.L. Beans has a bunch of other shoes in this comfy chic sneaker/tennis shoe lite style.
  • Earrings: These are rose gold wire wrapped crystal earrings by Shine Chaser Jewelry. She does not currently have any available on her Etsy page, but you may be able to commission some. She does currently have these similar White Sea Glass Wire Wrapped Earrings and others that will nicely work in a casual outfit (or any type of outfit!).

Love the ideas for this casual Tuesday style? Want a similar outfit you can purchase now? Consider the Plaza Top, Destructed Slim Boyfriend, BeanSport Lace-up Shoes (in tan), and the White Sea Glass Wire Wrapped Earrings