Michelle POW: Date Night Aflutter

Outfit Mission Statement: Mix a cardigan with flirty and romantic pieces to set hearts aflutter

Friday Night Drinks POW outfits are for going out on a date, getting drinks, seeing a band play, going to dinner and a movie—something where you want to look good and may wear some sexier clothes and statement pieces. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Michelle Cardigan. There are many ways one could style this for a date. I went sweet and romantic. Skirts are always good for dates, as they give you a chance to show off your legs. Guys seem to like this. Gals seem to like it too. The flounces on this skirt are both fun and flirty. They also mimic the flouncy chiffon trim in the back of the cardigan, creating some nice continuity. The flounces and the chiffon add a romantic air to the outfit, which is supported with the locket necklace and charm jewelry, resulting in a romantic and flirty outfit for having a date or finding one.



  • Cardigans make wonderful layers over cute date outfits, especially if you need a layer of warmth or have a cute cami or tank and you don’t want your bra straps to show
  • Look for skirts that have ruffles, flounces, or other romantic and flirty features for date night outfits
  • For some classic romance, add an antique style locket, like the one here—even better if it is a functioning locket with a picture of your love or a lock of hair (this locket is function. I will soon have pictures in it)
  • When wearing a navy (or other neutral) cardigan for a date night, pair it with a colorful skirt to keep a playful air


Outfit Breakdown: