Michelle POW: Backwards Lace and Some Flutter Sunday Best

Outfit Mission Statement: Don’t throw a cardigan on, choose a special cardigan and plan your special occasion outfit around it!

Sunday Best POW outfits are special occasion clothes for dinning, theater, opera, holiday parties, church, and other such occasions that need something special. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Michelle Cardigan. Often cardigans get thrown on over a dressy outfit to add a bit of warmth. However, the Michelle Cardigan, with the chiffon layer in back, is a perfect cardigan to make part of your dressy outfit. A navy pencil skirt keeps things simple and elegant. The navy in both create a lean line and a consistent look. Another color pencil skirt could work, but may not look as sophisticated. The, add some lace to really bring in the dressy. Any lace top could work. A black would be dressier and give a nod to French style.  A bone of off white cold be striking. Since navy is a neutral, any color could work, but be weary of bright colors, as they could bring down the level of dressiness (but, that may be perfect for you). A classic, romantic piece, like this locket, is the perfect accessory—dressy without being over the top. Then add nice shoes and fun, classy clutch and you are ready to shine!



  • Don’t let your cardigan be a layer added just for warmth, choose a dressier one and plan your outfit around it
  • For a lean, elegant look choose a cardigan and pencil skirt in a dark neutral, such as navy 
  • Add a lace blouse as dressy layer for under the cardigan for an additional touch of “fancy” when done in white or black or fun if you choose a bright color
  • Classic, romantic accessories, like the locket and clutch, increase the dressiness of the outfit and add some good old-fashioned romance
  • Don’t limit your clothes or wardrobe by only wearing tops with the front in front—this lace top is actually worn backwards—the lace is the back of a lovely sweater. So, look for pieces that can be worn multiple ways, even backwards, and you can multiple its versatility (and pack much lighter)


Outfit Breakdown:

  • Cardigan: Michelle Cardigan from cabi Spring 2016
  • Cami: Simple Cami in nude from cabi Spring 2016
  • Skirt: Lido Skirt from cabi Spring 2016
  • Earrings: Dolce Charm Earrings from cabi Spring 2016
  • Necklace & Bracelet: Both part of the Locket Necklace from cabi Spring 2016
  • Lace Top: This is actually the Sophia Sweater from cabi Spring 2016, backwards
  • Shoes: Jennifer Lopez’s Women's Metallic High Heels—I’m surprised they are still available at Kohl’s! I got these last year and now they are only $34.99!
  • Clutch: This is a vintage clutch (I’m guessing from the 1950s or 1960s) that my mom bought me for Christmas. I’ll put the shop name in where she got it when she gets back to me.