Michelle POW: Flutter & Sea No Place Like Tuesday

Outfit Mission Statement: For a casual nautical look, limit the nautical, but add a flattering cardigan and white jeans for a comfortably on-trend and classic look

No place like Tuesday outfits are casual, comfy clothes for working from home, working at home, stay at home parenting, and anything else where comfort is key and you are home. Although they will work for errands and anything else casual. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Michelle Cardigan. One trend that you can find everywhere this spring is the nautical trend. Navy and white strips (or white and red), anchors, boat shoes, fisherman sweaters, and military styling are showing up on runways everywhere. Of course, this is also a classic summer style (on-trend since the 1920s or earlier), so while on-trend this year, you know you will be next year too! The key to pulling off this trend (and maybe I need to do a post on just this trend?), is to keep it simple and limit the nautical to one main piece (and maybe some jewelry or accessories). But don’t go overboard (no pun intended). The Michelle Cardigan is a perfect cardigan to pair with nautical pieces. The navy goes beatifically, complimenting nautically-themed pieces but not taking the nautical too far.  One great things about the nautical trend is it is very versatile—it works for casual, dressy, resort, and even office. But today, we focus on casual. And what is more casual than a nautical stripped tee? This cute one from cabi is fun and flattering. Add the Michelle cardigan for warmth during cool spring days or summer nights. They go nicely with the also on-trend white jeans, for a cute, casual nautical-themed outfit.

Note: I am modeling a sample Michelle Cardigan (until I get mine!) and it is size bigger than I would purchase. So, know a proper fit would be tighter.



  • Don’t go overboard with the nautical style—limit it to one pieces and maybe some accessories
  • Worried that you can’t do skinnies or maybe you don’t like them so tight? Consider cabi’s answer—the slimmie—slim jeans that are not as skinny as the skinny but can be worn similar and give you the same amazing legs and long, lean look
  • You can do horizontal stripe without looking fat: go with thinner horizontal stripes; stay away from stripes that cling; look for pieces that use color or width of stripe to create shape;  or create your own shape by using belts, cardigans buttoned in the middle, or other items that show off (or create) your hourglass figure
  • Don’t limit the colors in your nautical outfits to white, blue, and red—orange provide a nice pop of contrasting color with the blue and white and works well for shoes or accessories
  • Do collect nautical pieces that match your style, since they will be in for springs and summer to come!
  • Do you have white jean? If not get them—they go with everything and add a pop of style (and don't wait for Memorial day to wear them—rock them all year round)
  • There are a lot of jewelry choices when it comes to nautical, especially gold, coins, and nautical symbols; however, when going casual keep the jewelry minimal and let the nautical theme speak


Outfit Breakdown: