Michelle POW: The Cropped & Contrasted Thursday

Outfit Mission Statement: Don’t rule out a trend before you try it on

TTT Thursday outfits are Trendy, Transitional, and/or Terrific—in other words my choice. Whatever other outfit ideas the garment gave me. It may be something very trendy, transitional, or something else. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Michelle Cardigan. I’m going more for trends this week. This outfit employs a few trends. First the crop top. Perhaps, like me, you shuttered when crop tops came back in, know that it was not a look for your body now. I was shocked when I tried this cabi Crop Top on. It’s longer than many, but still has the cropped silhouette and styling. It does not show off what I call my “mommy tummy,” as I feared. In fact, it’s rather flattering. I do plan to wear mine with higher waited items or perhaps a cami underneath so there are not occasional flashes of skin (or worse—the mommy tummy!). I’m shocked to say, I rather adore this cropped top! In fact, I think the length cuts right in the perfect spot to mask that tummy. Another trend in this outfit is mixing navy and black. This is such a fun, modern mix, which I have discussed previously. The navy and cobalt cardigan really add a pop of color to the outfit and cut the starkness of just black and white. It’s a pretty & fun layer over to other fun pieces. Stripes are also very in. These add a slight twist by being diagonal. And, yes, another m’legging sighting. These seem my go-to TTT Thursday pants! But that is because they are trendy, comfortable, and flattering. Really, if you don’t own a pair, go out and buy these. Trust me. You will wear them Thursday and the rest of the week!



  • Don’t rule out a crop top, even if you are not skinny and don’t think you have the best tummy area! Just look for one in a flattering style for your body type. You may find the line of the top work perfectly to hide (not flaunt) your problem area
  • Wear navy and black together—this is a modern, trendy look, with a classic history (very French)
  • Add a navy cardigan to a black and white outfit to tone down the starkness of the black and white and add an unusual pop of color
  • Don’t be afraid for mixing different styles, like this bold and almost edgy crop top with the classic and elegant cardigan with chiffon. This mix is fun and more interesting that an outfit composed of the same style of piece.
  • Buy thee m’leggings and thank me later
  • With a neutrals only outfit, wear bright, fun jewelry that pops


Outfit Breakdown:

  • Cardigan: Michelle Cardigan from cabi Spring 2016 
  • Crop Top: Crop Top from cabi Spring 2016 
  • M’Leggings (the leggings with a skirt): Mesh M’Leggings  from cabi Spring 2016 
  • Necklaces: Helios Necklaces (a pair sold together) from cabi Spring 2016 
  • Bracelet: Helios Bracelet from cabi Spring 2016
  • Earrings: Stone Twilight Earrings from cabi Spring 2015, and no longer available. Consider these alternatives, which also work with a white, black, and navy outfit:
  • Booties: These are old Aerosoles. Here are some current ones that could work:
    • Sundae: The black wedge boots have an elastic cross strap
    • Soterday Night: These Oxford-style ankle boots are also wedges
    • Duble Trouble: These low heeled (1”) ankle boots that look like you could keep up with twins wearing them