Michelle POW: Analogous Color Fun Saturday

Outfit Mission Statement: Combine analogous colors to create a fun, easy, and harmonious outfit


Play Day Saturday are clothes for taking your kids to the park, running errands, talking your dog for a walk, shopping, picnicking, travel, going to a museum or a zoo—out and about or home having fun clothes. These are the clothes you often live the best parts of your life in! The POW (Piece of the Week) the cabi Spring 2016 Michelle Cardigan. This outfit may look familiar. I loved it so much for the “The Transitional cabi Cardigan You Need Now: The Michelle” that I had to repeat it here. This outfit is worth a second look. This outfit I created playing around with cabi Spring 2016 collection. I had the blouse and cardigan on and thought I’d try the denim. I loved the result. This outfit is a mix of colors that go beautifully, but, possibly surprisingly if you don't know your color theory. The combination of yellow, green, cobalt, and navy in an analogous color scheme. These are harmonious color scheme often found and nature and that is pleasing to the eye. When applied correctly, analogous colors can create a striking and harmonious outfit that is easy to put together.


When putting together an outfit with an analogous colors scheme:

  • Choose a dominate color, ideally the brightest of the colors you are using (here I choose the bright yellow denim).
  • Choose a secondary color to support this dominate—this will work best if it is a darker color or lighter color than the dominate color (here I choose the navy in the blouse and cardigan).
  • Choose a tertiary color as an accent color. If you have more than three colors in your color scheme, make the remaining colors tertiary (The green in the shirt and the cobalt trim on the cardigan are my tertiary colors).
  • Make any black or white colors used accent colors.



  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, you may be surprised with what works.
  • Go to the color wheel for color inspiration when planning outs. Here are a few good visuals: about web design but can be applied to style too, basic color theory, and a style-based discussion.
  • When wearing a bright outfits with a lot of saturated color, keep accessories and jewelry more neutral, such as gold, silver, or cream
  • Consider leaving a flowy top untucked under a cardigan for an graceful layer over your bottoms
  • Do roll those jeans to show off funky shoes (repeated tip but a good one)


Outfit Breakdown: