Go-To POW: Working It Classic Nautical Wednesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Combine the perfect black work trousers with a classic nautical jacket for chic, preppy, and professional look that implies success

Working it Wednesday outfits are professional career clothes, often a step or two above Manic Monday outfits. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Go-To Trouser. These are the perfect professional pants—classic with an updated, chic silhouette. A good pair of black work pants are clearly a wardrobe staple and easy to style in a professional look. Anyone can throw on a jacket and blouse and have a more formal business outfit with these pants. But, you can also take the typical black pants outfit to new place—like say the sea?

The trendy, yet always chic, nautical style easily works in a formal office setting, especially with such a lovely, tailored jacket as the Cruise Jacket. The fine details, like the buttons and double-breasted styling, take it beyond your normal jacket or low-end nautical style. This preppy or even bon chic, bon genre jacket speaks of wealth and success. It also combines two power colors—navy and red! And yes, the navy striped blazer can and should be worn with black pants. Wearing navy and black together is not only very in, but is a classic and French look (adding even more sophistication to the outfit—see previous discussions about the combination here and here). In addition, it can be easier to combine black and navy than either color with itself. I’ve found it tricky to take two black separates and combine them. Often the blacks are close enough in color but do not fully match color exactly—so it looks a bit off or even like a mistake. The similarities and slight differences create a conflict the eye stumbles over—say with two separate navy pieces. However, you can take one black piece and one navy piece and easily combine them. The differences are enough that your eye recognizes them as intentionally not the same color and doesn’t stumble.



  • Do wear navy and black together for a sophisticate, smooth, and classic look
  • When wearing nautical pieces in a formal office setting, go for rich, preppy pieces that pull on the classic, tailored look
  • As discussed before, and especially in a more formal office setting, limit the nautical pieces to one  
  • Look for fine details like flattering seeming, special buttons, and delicate lace details to display professionalism, prep, and success (but not scream it)
  • A simple bun always works for more formal office dressing
  • To really play off the classical feel of the nautical style, choose vintage or vintage-feel accessories, like this classic locket
  • With such bold and strong colors, consider a neutral shoe to put focus on your outfit


Outfit Breakdown:



For this photo shoot, I am modeling the sample cabi Spring 2016 Go-To Trouser, which are a size too big. My own pair did not arrive in time. Keep in mind these should be a bit tighter and smoother if they fit correctly.