Go-To POW: Simple Affairs Date Night

Outfit Mission Statement: For a simple date night look, take your wardrobe essential black pants, add a romantic & sexy blouse along with a few accessories and you are good to go!

Friday Night Drinks POW outfits are for going out on a date, getting drinks, seeing a band play, going to dinner and a movie—something where you want to look good and may wear some sexier clothes and statement pieces. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Go-To Trouser. Sometimes the perfect look for a date night is simple. Take a pair of black pants, add a romantic & sexy blouse, then some jewelry, neutral shoes, a clutch, and you are done. This outfit is one example of why you need a pair of black pants—why these are wardrobe essentials. They work wonderfully for work, of course, but they can also be wonderful for a date. With the right blouse to balance out the practical, business feel of these pants, you can create a classic, simple, and sexy go-to date night outfit. Look for a blouse with feminine and sexy details to balance the pants and look great on your date or night out.



  • Look good coming and going by finding a blouse with some detail on the back, such as this cutout
  • To keep it simple with unassuming and delicate jewelry and neutral sandals
  • To make it date-ready, look for a blouse with some color and avoid unadorned neutrals
  • Balance the business of the black pants with feminine and/or sexy details like a draped neck; feminine print; sheer, flowy fabric; pretty colors; and/or a striking cutout in the back
  • Remember, all you need for a stunning & simple date night look is a feminine blouse and your wardrobe essential black pants, and basic accessories—sometimes less and simple is more


Outfit Breakdown: