Plume POW: Staying or Leaving Home Tuesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Travel in versatile, comfortable neutrals and add pops of color for fun and adventure

No place like Tuesday outfits are casual, comfy clothes for working from home, working at home, stay at home parenting, and anything else where comfort is key and you are home or in this case leaving home. Although they will work for errands, travel, and anything else casual. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Plume Top. There are so many ways to style this easy and casual. Simply wear it with jeans, and you are good to go (see something similar in “No place like Tuesday in a Blouse). Also, the Traveler Pant and top are a great casual combo. I took it one step further and played off the outfit I posted in “The Transitional cabi Jacket and Pants Pieces You Need Now: The Adventure Anorak and the Traveler Pant”. I took the Travel Pants and Plume Top, added the Adventure Anorak and topped it off with a belt! Now you have casual, comfortable, practical, and fun! This is great outfit when you are not sure of the weather or will have a lot of changes in temperatures! You can just take off layers.

I just traveled in the Traveler Pant and Adventure Anorak, and I am more in love with them than I was. The Traveler Pants handled a cross country flight with a toddler, followed by a gymnastics meet (watching), my first In-N-Out Burger stop, more time in the car, and a visit to in-laws (all in one day). I spilled coffee on them and it wasn’t even noticeable after it dried! The Adventure Anorak I wore multiple days—as a layer on the plane, as a coat with hood to keep California rain off, to hold my toddler’s juice and other various things, and a layer on the chilly beach (still have sand in the pockets). It is so practical and versatile! Just add the comfortable, casual, and pretty Plume Top; a belt; and some fun shoes and you have a perfect travel and exploring outfit!


  • Look for versatile, comfortable clothes especially for travel
  • Make your coat look like part of your outfit (and not just something you threw on) by wearing a belt over it
  • Put together travel or regular outfits with multiple layers that can easily be worn alone and look great together
  • If you are wearing two neutrals (like the pants and jacket), pop color elsewhere in your shirt, shoes, accessories, and jewelry
  • When a coat may add bulk, consider belting it to show off an hour glass shape and not look bulky yourself


Outfit Breakdown: