Plume POW: Whites Out Saturday

Outfit Mission Statement: Try out the whites trend by mixing various whites in one or more garments, your, shoes, and your accessories

Play Day Saturday are clothes for taking your kids to the park, running errands, talking your dog for a walk, shopping, picnicking, travel, going to a museum or a zoo—out and about or home having fun clothes. These are the clothes you often live the best parts of your life in! The POW (Piece of the Week) the cabi Spring 2016 Plume Top. One fun, but not exactly toddler-mom-friendly, trend is wearing a mix of whites together—linen, ivory, cream, eggshell, vanilla, flax, bone, and more. You can do this by making your whole outfit white, wearing one piece with a mix of whites, or having one or more white pieces mixed with some other pieces. And, you don’t even have to wait for Memorial Day to rock this trend! The all-white look may be hard for some to pull off (daring-wise, we can all find white that look great on us) want to pull off. This outfit is an easy way into the trend—two “white” pieces and then a printed shirt with a white base, plus accessories in shade of white. In addition, the Blanca Cardigan I am wearing is composed of multiple whites: cream, ivory, and white. So, it gives you several whites in one! I love the comfortable, casual ease of this outfit. It would be a great fresco dining, antiquing, and day of seeing the sights outfit! The destructed white slim boyfriend jeans add both an edge and some relaxed playfulness that really make the outfit.


  • For an easier way to follow the white out trend, mix two white garments with pieces in different colors
  • Want an even easier way? Look for garments, like this cardigan, what have multiple shades of white and either wear that with clothes of other colors or use it as an excuse to wear another shade of white in another garment
  • Another fun way to follow the trend, which you can do with a white-out outfit or one of any colors, is to accessorize in various shades of white—they don’t need to be the same white!
  • Add an edge to any outfit with some destructed jeans, and if they are slim boyfriends you can also add some relaxed playfulness
  • Don’t forget your shoes! These can be a fun way to pull in more white (and white shoes have the advantage of going with so many other things too!)
  • For a casual and flattering look, go with looser pieces that are not too bulky or baggy, like these slim boyfriend jeans and the relaxed cardigan
  • A repeated tip: if you are rocking some awesome shoes, roll your jeans or pants up to better show them off!
  • Another repeated tip: You do not have to wait until Memorial Day to wear white—that rule has expired!
  • When mixing whites, it is okay if the whites vary a bit in shade and color (as discussed in White & Bright Sunday Best), in fact this is part of what the trend is all about. Choosing whites that are clearly different will work better. Ones that are close may cause the person to figure out what the problem is


Outfit Breakdown: