POW 7: The Versatile, Go Everywhere Black Skirt

We all need a skirt we can wear on the playground, a sexy date, and the boardroom, right? Or did such a thing never occur to you? It didn’t occur to me, until I was introduced the rather amazing, very comfortable cabi Spring 2016 Run Around Skirt. This skirt is a wardrobe miracle! It should be in every woman’s spring and summer suitcase, as you may wear it in so many different ways. To start with, this is clearly a flattering sexy skirt. No questions asked. You will look hot in this. But, you will also be incredibly comfortable in the Lenzing fabric. You will also be covered! This skirt has layers—a maxi layer in back, a scoop in the front, plus a drape in front, plus another layer that keep up covered underneath, should you need it.

You will LOVE this skirt!

You will LOVE this skirt!

This skirt is a unique piece and may be hard to find alternative of in your closet or elsewhere. In some ways, this skirt reminds me of the M’Legging cabi has had variations of over a few seasons (see the Mesh M’Legging this season). The leggings provide cover for the skirt and the skirt covers the butt, so you can wear the leggings without an extra layer. This skirt has those same layers of coverage. But, if you want a skirt without leggings that does this… I’m not sure what to tell you. I did a search and found little that had the layers, ease, sophistication, and sexiness. A few options that work more casually are the Seaside Fold Over Maxi Skirt which has the length and a fold over style, but not the extra layers or dressier styling, and the Ribbon Stripes Skirt which has the wrap styling, but only a single midi length and not the extra covering layers both by Athleta. If any of you know of anything else, let me know.

However, a black or dark knit (ponte, cotton, Lenzing, stretch jersey, and more) skirt knee-length or longer would work for a lot of what we will go over this week for styling—such as the cabi Spring 2016 Lido Skirt. You may need to choose a ponte pencil for some of the dressier outfits and perhaps a tee shirt material skirt for the more casual to really make it work. But, regardless, you can make these styles word for a variety of skirt. Work it!

Do join us for the seventh POW and discover seven ways, from the boardroom, to the special occasion, to the playground, to style this unique, go anywhere, practical, packing-friendly Run Around Skirt!


If you want to buy, please contact me in the comments or via email or my stylist (Joni Allen via email or phone: 770 502-5243 [call or text]) and we can get you set up.  It is possible any order you make will be included in a show total for me. If that is the case, for each $250 spent in my show, I get one half priced item. So, I’d be quite grateful of any orders! I promise to blog about what I buy!