Plume POW: Touch of 70s Date Night

Outfit Mission Statement: Reference your favorite style decade to add fun, glamour, and sex appeal to your night out looks

Friday Night Drinks POW outfits are for going out on a date, getting drinks, seeing a band play, going to dinner and a movie—something where you want to look good and may wear some sexier clothes and statement pieces. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Plume Top. My Working It Wednesday Outfit has a bit of a 60s vibe this week and I gave this one just a touch of a 70s disco vibe with the hair and long earrings and colors. This contrasts the femininity of the feather design and colors of the top and the lace of the skirt, creating a funky and feminine look. While this may not scream 70s disco style, even the contrasts, femininity, and funky aspects are all true to disco, making this a modern interpretation of disco style! Even if you choose to leave off the disco vibe, a pretty top and lovely lace pencil skirt always make for an easy and sexy date style. The Plume Top’s easy flow emphasize ease and comfort, while the skirt adds the sex appeal and emphasizes the feminine. Add some sexy d’Orsay styled shoes and some bling and you are ready for a great night out.



  • Do not be afraid of mixing lace with prints
  • You can create a fairly modest, but still sexy, look by wearing a pencil skirt—it shows shape but not skin
  • Pencil skirts are great choices for all shapes, as they work with your natural curves and can make larger hips and thighs look more proportional
  • Looks for ways to style date night outfits with touches from your favorite style decade—they all can add fun, glamour, and sexy to your date night looks
  • Consider long earrings for a date night looks, as they draw attention to your neck and can show a playful and/or glamorous side
  • When going with bold colors for your clothing, you may want to keep your accessories more mild


Outfit Breakdown: