Margherita POW: Easy, Breezy Contrasts Tuesday

Outfit Mission Statement: For coverage and/or added casualness, wear a contrasting tied tee shirt over your favorite sundress

No place like Tuesday outfits are casual, comfy clothes for working from home, working at home, parenting (at home), and anything else where comfort is key and you are home. Although they will work for errands and anything else casual. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Margherita Dress. This dress just moves! I included a few pictures to show that off. I cannot help but twirl and sway in this fun sundress. For a casual fun look, seek out a sundress that is this much fun to move in!

Many a sundress has a more casual air to it. They are easy on, read-to-go choices and a perfect choice for a Tuesday at home. However, you may find some sundresses are not casual enough. Or, you may find the straps are too thin for you to wear a comfortable (non-strapless) bra under. Or, you may want more coverage. Or, you may want to mix is up. An easy, casual solution? Tie your favorite tee shirt over it! This creates and easy, fun, and certainly casual outfit that covers more! It is also great if you have some kid stain you need to quickly cover on the top of you sundress.


  • To dress down a sundress and/or add more coverage, tie your favorite tee shirt over the top
    • Consider a contrasting color tee shirt to make the colors pop
    • Tie the tee shirt it at your natural waste to create more of an hourglass silhouette
  • Pull out the color of your tee shirt in your accessories and shoes for a pop of fun
  • For a casual look, consider keeping your accessories smaller and more natural, such as semiprecious stones and vintage gold
  • Keep to shoes that are comfortable and easy to move in, just in case you need to walk on a wall (or really because you are being casual and dressing easy & breezy)
  • Casual doesn’t have to be boring—have fun with this by choosing bright colors and a flowy dress
  • Look for pocket for a practical, easy-to-parent-in or just live in choice


Outfit Breakdown: