Margherita POW: Simple Sundress Date Night

Outfit Mission Statement: Go simple and easy and knock your date’s socks off!


Friday Night Drinks POW outfits are for going out on a date, getting drinks, seeing a band play, going to dinner and a movie—something where you want to look good and may wear some sexier clothes and statement pieces. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Margherita Dress. I’m showing you seven ways to style a sundress. This naturally should include the styling the sundress itself. And as many a date will tell you, a sundress is perfect for date night (or date day—any date time). This is as simple at it gets for a date—sundress, shoes, jewelry, maybe some makeup, with your hair down and flowing if it is long. Running late? Trying to juggle getting ready, keeping the kids calm, and instructing the babysitter? This is perfect! Going from work to night out? Choose of on the work styles with this sundress (Working It Buttoned-Down Flowy Wednesday or Easy Professionalism Manic Monday) and you can make a quick transition from day to night!



  • For an easy and fast date night or night out look, rock the sundress with heels and some jewelry
  • This is the great time to show off an amazing necklace or rock some sentimental earrings
  • For an easier look, choose strappy sandal heels in one of the colors on your sundress
  • If you don’t have one, purchase a comfortable strapless bra that stays up—if it doesn’t stay up or is not comfortable you will not wear it—for summer style and sundresses
  • Have issues with your arms? Consider a light cardigan, like the Blanca Cardigan or wear a light shawl or scarf shawl-style over your upper arms, such as the Flora Scarf
  • Never be afraid of a simple look, I’ve found a lot of my dates prefer them, especially if my hair is down

Outfit Breakdown:






My perfect date. We even kinda match! He may be trying to steal my necklace. It's a good one!

My perfect date. We even kinda match! He may be trying to steal my necklace. It's a good one!


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