Bardot POW: Boho Southwestern Sparkly Princess Sunday Best

Outfit Mission Statement: To dress denim up for a special occasion look, throw on the fancy—think tulle, sparkly gems, embroidered velvet, statement pieces, and amazing shoes

Sunday Best POW outfits are special occasion clothes for dinning, theater, opera, holiday parties, church, and other such occasions that need something special. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Bardot Shirt. There are many ways to dress up a denim shirt. Check out Sparkling & Flannel Sunday Best for dressy look you can make work with a denim shirt (denim and a lace pencil would be Fab-u-lous!). One fun thing you can do is choose a very dressy skirt. Denim tends to dress things down a bit, so with very dressy bottoms, you can average somewhere dressy, but not overly dressy. Tulle can easily be very dressy. Add denim, and bam, nice special occasion look that does not go too far. Adding fancy, statement pieces as accessories ups the dressy too. Together, you can end up with a fun, sparkly, pretty special occasion look with a touch of boho. I love the tulle and denim combo. Opposites attract, right?


  • When dressing up a denim shirt, feel free to go far on the dressy side for the rest of the pieces to average the perfect amount of dressy
  • Add special, striking, and/or fancy statement accessories to further emphasize the dressiness (or go the other way and add casual accessories [like cowgirl boots, a distressed leather bag, and rustic jewelry] and end up in a casual, fun look with a touch of princess)
  • Mix metals for a lighthearted touch that may also allow you to bring together pieces you might not otherwise consider
  • Consider tying the denim shirt in a knot at your waist to emphasize the waist and continue the lighthearted touch
  • Keep colors in the same general tones for a more put together look, such as the blues and greys I focus on here, making sure each element has at least one of these colors



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