POW 8: The Swingy Summer Staple Sundress

Until fairly recently, I did not have many sundresses. Then my husband pointed this out, so I tried to add more sundresses to my life. Now, I’m not sure why I did not have them! Sundresses are a prefect easy answer to nearly any outfit choice in the summer. Dinning al fresco? Sundress. Summer fair? Sundress. Errands on a hot day? Sundress. Work? Sundress with a cardi or jacket. Cook out? Sundress. Hot date? Sundress. Really anything? Sundress. A sundress is another wardrobe staple we should all have. And you probably were smarter than I and have several already!

Outfit:  Margherita Dress  and  Villa Necklace  (as necklace and bracelet), and  Dolce Charm Earrings  from cabi Spring 2016.  Unisa Eavvi Sanda   l   sold at DSW

Outfit: Margherita Dress and Villa Necklace (as necklace and bracelet), and Dolce Charm Earrings from cabi Spring 2016. Unisa Eavvi Sandal sold at DSW

For this Piece of the Week, I’m featuring a particular sundress—the cabi Spring 2016 Margherita Dress. This fun, boho-styled dress has a few features that make it not your typical sundress. First, pockets! I love me a dress with pockets! And it doesn’t get much more carefree and fun than a sundress with pockets. It has a longer length, not a true maxi, but longer than what I’d consider a midi length, which is perfect for, say... playing with your toddler. It has a handkerchief hem and is quite fun to twirl in. The straps are not spaghetti straps, but are a bit wider. Some of us may be able to get them to cover our bra straps. The waist is an easy elastic waist—forgiving when you have that extra burger at the cookout. Also, this dress comes in two colors. I’m featuring the classic navy and white one, which is cabi’s regular season dress, but also have a “limited addition” dress in white, yellow, and green geometric pattern. I’ve only seen the latter online, but it looks great too.

Like the other POWs, you can follow the styling tips with something you already have in your closet or something similar you purchase. Look for a longer length sundress, with a full skirt to best match the lovely Margherita Dress.

Do join us for the eight POW and discover seven ways, from the playground, to the boardroom, to the special occasion, to wonderful date night, to style this fun, swingy, summer staple Margherita Dress!



If you want to buy, please contact me in the comments or via email or my stylist (Joni Allen via email or phone: 770 502-5243 [call or text]) and we can get you set up.  It is possible any order you make will be included in a show total for me. If that is the case, for each $250 spent in my show, I get one half priced item. So, I’d be quite grateful of any orders! I promise to blog about what I buy!