Bardot POW: Working It Wrapped, Classy Linen & Denim Wednesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Make your denim shirt work for work by pairing it with a classic neutral linen trouser and sophisticated accessories

Working it Wednesday outfits are professional career clothes, often a step or two above Manic Monday outfits. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Bardot Shirt. Of course, the easy way to dress up a denim shirt for the boardroom would be to add it to a two piece suit, or wear a blazer, or do any number of rather predictable, but interesting, things. However, for a lovely denim shirt with special details, like this one, you don’t need to go the easy way. Simply add professional, quality pieces that say class and sophistication, and you can make it work!


  • Dress up your denim shirt for work by pairing it with a nice, professional pair of linen trousers in a neutral
  • Add classy accessories and shoes to add sophistication and professionalism
  • Consider mixing lighter neutrals for a cultured look, such as cream, beige, burnished gold, and leopard print
  • A fine quality leopard print belt can add class to a work look (but be careful of going overboard, leopard can get trashy is there is too much or the quality is poor)
  • Just because it is a button-down, it does not mean you need to button it all the way down!  Consider a diagonal wrap instead (see directions below)
  • Want more sophistication? Add a designer handbag
  • Consider a nice crisp cream linen, for a more refined look
  • Tuck in your shirt for a dressier look


Directions for Wrap Tuck:

  • Start with a denim shirt that is baggy on you (a size up)
  • Button the buttons down to your bust or a bit lower (more or less depending on the amount you want to wrap)
  • With your pants undone, take the shirttail of the piece that is on top (has the button holes), and wrap around you, creating a diagonal line
  • With a safety pin, pin the shirttail into this diagonal shape, making sure the pin stays below where the pants will tuck (if needed add more above the tuck line, just find ways to do it invisibly)
  • Tuck in your shirt, making sure to keep the diagonal
  • Add a belt for additional waist slimming attention



Outfit Breakdown:


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