Stitch Fix Review: Yellow and Wood Linen Fix Two

I recently joined Stich Fix on the advice of an Instagram friend and fellow cabi addict, Jenni. As anyone who has read this blog knows, I am a HUGE cabi addict. I wasn’t sure about branching out. But this blog has made me try new things. So, I decided to try it.

I loved Stich Fix! For those who are unfamiliar, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You fill out a profile, provide links to your social media and perhaps a Board on Pinterest of your style and things you like, and you get a box of five items shipped to you. You set the price point for the box and the frequency of the boxes. Stitch Fix hooks you up with a personal stylist, who sends a note and styling suggestions each time. You can leave the stylist a note before she prepares your box, letting her know your clothing needs, plans, and so on that may impact her choices. You can get clothing and shoes (and perhaps jewelry and other accessories, but I have only gotten shoes and clothes so far). There is a $20 styling fee, but this is taken off anything you purchase. Also, if you purchase all five items you get a 25% discount.

I received my first box in June and was impressed. I couldn’t wait to get my next box. I finally have, and I thought I would share it with you.


My Style Profile and Requests

My default pricing is $50-100 per item (it can be adjusted based on type, but I keep it the same), but I asked in my note for lower cost items (because of my recent cabi purchases), keeping it at or below $50. I let my stylist know about my upcoming Georgia beach trip. I also requested no jeans (I have so many great cabi jeans). In addition, I said I was currently between a medium and large and may need to size up if it buttons (due to the girls) or is clingy. My default shirt size is a medium.



Interested in my initial reactions? I made a video of the unboxing (disclaimer: I’ve only ever done one other video and I used my laptop, so it is not high quality). It’s casual and you get to hear my voice and learn more about me.


The Five Items

I received three tops, one pair of shoes, and one pair of shorts. I’m posting an initial review and will later post (or update this post) with my decisions.

Shown: 1, 2, & 3

Shown: 1, 2, & 3

  1. Cindie Printed Linen Short by Level 99: I love these shorts. The print is fun. The fabric is amazing. It is a made of Tencel a “new age fiber” made from wood! It’s an amazingly soft linen-like fabric. I don’t think it will wrinkle as much though. My stylist, Jaime, saw I pinned some yellow to my board, so she added these. I’m not a huge yellow person, but the amount in this is just fine. The short will go well with some of my cabi spring pieces, such as the Gemma Top and Sleeveless Swing Tee. The shorts are a bit lose around the waist, but stay up. This honestly may make them even more comfortable. They are a bit shorter than I like, as my legs are not what they use dot be, but I can work with this length. These are great shorts for play and casual wear. I see playground trips in their future! Cost: $78.00.
  2. Jorgenseon Crochet Top by Daniel Rainn: This is a pretty white lace top with a liner. I’m undecided on this piece. I already have the Needle Lace Shell from cabi Spring 2014 and I’m not sure if I need another white lace top. Plus, as I mentioned in the video, white does not go well with being a toddler mom. It has a cute tuck in the front of the neckline and drapes nicely voer my problem areas (for the most part). I love how the lining stops short, leaving a lace edge. I do love it with the short, which my stylist suggested (shown together). This would be a fun beach outfit. This top will easily dress up or down, and would work for work. Cost: $68.00. 
  3. Davina Metallic Thong Sandal by Dolce Vita: Thong! That is what it is called. I had no clue in the video. But now I think I just blanked and forget. I am to a fan of thongs. I don’t find them comfortable between my toes (more on this in the video), and these are not exception. I’m also not sure of yellow shoes, but I do love my orange Newport flats and wear them more than I would imagine. Also, I love the gold accents. The shorts, lace top, and these shoes are a great outfit. However, the shoes are slippery, both my foot on the foot bed, and the sole on the ground. As a toddler mom, I cannot be slipping and sliding everywhere (anyone know why some shoes have that fuzzy fabric on the bottom now? My kid’s shoes do this. The last thing toddler needs is slippery shoes!). I want these shoes to work for me. But I don’t think they do. Cost: $39.99.
Shown: 4 and older  cabi  capris and Target shoes.

Shown: 4 and older cabi capris and Target shoes.

4. Castillo Embroidered Trim Detail Top by Skies are Blue: I nicknamed this top in my pictures “That 70s Top” because it reminds me of what people wore in the 70s. Granted, it is updated. But the embroidered yoke just brings me back to my childhood. I liked this top better on that I thought. It’s a nice gauzy fabric and the trim is fun. However, it is clingy to the girls and a bit to the belly. The arms also look (but do not feel) a bit tight. I think I need to size up. Overall: cute, fun, summery, seventies style, but not me and not very flattering on me. This looks great with jeans and could be cute shorts. Cost: $54.00






5.       Lonni Crochet Back Knit Tank by Papermoon: Just recently I was thinking I wanted a bra-friendly flowy top that I could throw on. And look! This is just the thing. I love the turquoise color with the antique white (color) crocheted trip on the bottom hem and work on the back. This is fun, practical, and has a modern, pretty vibe. It will easily fit into my wardrobe (which tells you that I plan to keep it). This is a dressy casual shirt, perfect for play, fun, dates, and more. Cost: $38.00.








So what do you think? What should I keep? What should I send back?

If you are interested in Stitch Fix and want to try it out, please consider using my Referral link: I’ll get a $25 credit and you’ll get my gratitude here and elsewhere (which can include links to your social media, if you would like). I highly recommend Stitch Fix for an easy and fun way to get styled!

Updated 9/13/16: I kept the Cindie Printed Linen Short by Level 99 and the Lonni Crochet Back Knit Tank by Papermoon. I have loved wearing them both! Checkout my Instagram @drJennB for some outfit of the day shots with me wearing them. I opted not to get the Jorgenseon Crochet Top by Daniel Rainn because it I did already have a white lace sleeveless top. I just could not keep from sliding out of the Davina Metallic Thong Sandal by Dolce Vita, and the Castillo Embroidered Trim Detail Top by Skies are Blue was just not flattering.

Cute back, right?

Cute back, right?