Pleated Star POW: Beach Easy Elegant Sunday Best

Outfit Mission Statement:  Mix up your dress up by pairing a feminine, elegant skirt with a high end tee, easy beach hair, and pearls for the perfect look for a special occasion and a stroll on the beach after

 Sunday Best POW outfits are special occasion clothes for dinning, theater, opera, holiday parties, church, and other such occasions that need something special. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the Pleated Star Skirt from Canvas by Lands’ End. Since this skirt radiates elegance and femininity, it is easy (and rather predictable) to dress it up, perhaps with a lovely white wrap top, or a soft gray silk draped tank, maybe a light pink chiffon shell, or a navy lace top. With this skirt, dressy is easy. So, I went a more casual route—think beach easy elegance not ballroom polished elegance. In fact, I wore this, on a beach vacation, for my anniversary dinner with my husband. It doesn’t get much more special occasion than that! Instead of a dressy top, think laid back but still nice, such as this hi-low cross design cropped high-end tee. Add pearls, sandals, and a French braid with ponytail for and elegant beach ease.

This look works for summer, fall, and in-between with the mix of dark navy and white georgette. If it cools down, just throw on a wrap, cardigan, or tailored jacket. This is the perfect look for when you want something special, but not stuffy, and when the night might end with a walk on the beach.



  • Look for unexpected twists on your special occasion outfits, such as a dressy tee with a fancy skirt
  • To maintain a certain level of dressy, keep the tee higher quality with special features (such as this hi-low cross design) in dark or bold colors
  • For easy beach elegance, add casual elements to your dressy pearls and skirt—such as the loose French braid with ponytail
  • Don’t be afraid of a top that is slightly cropped, they may be more flattering than you think. If your tummy is a problem area, look for:
    • A longer crop that covers more and shows little to no skin
    • Special details that will slim and distract, such as the cross design 
    • A looser top that does not cling to the belly
    • Quality fabric that drapes and hides
    • High-wasted bottoms to go underneath that over the problem area
  • Think pearls for ease and a touch of both class and grace (plus they nicely pop on darks or bold shirts)
  • If you might end up walking on the beach, make sure those sandals are easy to remove
  • Keep the look in a limited palette of two to three main colors, such as the white and navy here, if you need to be dressier—broaden the palette is more casual is fine


Outfit Breakdown:


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Photos for this photo shoot were taken by Bill Ruhsam at the King and Prince Resort.

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