Pencil Skirt POW: Trendy, Elegant, and all Choked up Date Night

Outfit Mission Statement: Look good coming and going in a classic, feminine pencil skirt and a trendy, elegant lace back blouse

Friday Night Drinks POW outfits are for going out on a date, getting drinks, seeing a band play, going to dinner and a movie—something where you want to look good and may wear some sexier clothes and statement pieces. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the pencil skirt in general, and the cabi Fall 2016 Sigourney skirt in particular. The pencil skirt is a perfect date night option. It’s sexy, chic, classic, and feminine all in one. Given the power of the pencil skirt, you have a lot of options to finish the date night look, from a tee shirt to an elegant silk blouse. In fact, you can even wear flannel and look hot! Here I went with a trendy, yet elegant option—lace back blouses. I love this look because it is clean and simple in front, but has the surprise of lace and a bit of skin in back. You look good coming and going! Since it is the transitional time of year where some still have winter and some spring, I am showing a colder weather version and a warmer weather one. They both are a similar look—turquoise or green pencil skirt and a lace back blouse. I went with black, boots, and a choker for the colder weather look and white with green heels for the spring look. Of course, with the right shoes/boots either can work for any time of the year.

for cooler temps

for cooler temps

for warmer temps

for warmer temps


  • For a trendy and sexy, yet elegant date night look pair the on-trend lace back tops with a pencil skirt
  • If you want to show some skin, but don’t want to be too revealing, the lace back top is a fabulous choice
  • If you wear a lace back top, think of other ways to draw attention to your back—such as a lovely updo and a statement hair pin
  • Consider a neutral top color when rocking a bold pencil skirt and a lace back to draw attention to the lace and the skirt
  • If you tuck your top into your pencil skirt and blouse it, you’ll draw attention to your waist and create more of an hourglass look
  • If you leave your top untucked, you'll create a longer torso  and hide tummy issues
  • Chokers add a dash of Victorian and a pinch of sex appeal—don’t be afraid of this trend, anyone can rock it:
    • If you have looser neck skin or a larger neck:
      • Go for a wider choker in a lace or something with varying edges, which will hide issues and be more forgiving
      • Wear it looser and lower, almost at collar level for the same look without the feeling of having something tight around your neck or creating bulges; this also works better if you have sagging skin
    • If you have a double chin or a little extra right there, go lower rather than higher to not add to this—I tend to go just under halfway or lower
    • Think about what you want to emphasize—lower will draw eyes to your collar bone, shoulders, and chest, whereas higher will emphasize your face more
    • Layer! Chokers work wonderfully with almost any length necklace, other chokers, or even a scarf
    • For a more cohesive and possibly monochromatic look match the color and material with something in your outfit (like black lace)
    • Not sure? Go for a thin one and wear it at your collar like a very short necklace, then work your way up and bigger as you feel comfortable
    • The more bare skin around the choker the more it will stand out and draw attention to that bare skin, so for greater sex appeal consider deeper cut neck lines, cold shoulder, and off-the-shoulder tops, and even put your hair up (if it is longer). To tone down the sex appeal, have your choker peak out of a button down or other shirt that does not show much skin.
    • A longer neck can rock any width of choker
    • A shorter neck may want to go with narrower chokers worn lower, which will add length—a thicker choker at mid neck will likely make your neck look shorter


Sigourney Skirt Outfit:

  • Skirt: Sigourney Skirt from cabi Fall 2016, which is no longer readily available. See my introductory POW post for ways to get this skirt, turquoise alternatives, or other pencil skirts
  • Blouse: Tempest Blouse from cabi Fall 2016, which is no longer readily available. Check out the same cabi options in my introductory POW post)
  • Boots: Unnati boots from JustFab (use my referral code to save money) 
  • Clutch: Old clutch, unsure of brand
  • Choker: Lace choker from JustFab, that is no longer available—consider the Laser Cut N Strut instead (use my referral code to save money)
  • Hair pin: Starburst hair pin from Lilla Rose, which is not available now, but there are many other options (I worked with Abby McElroy and she was very helpful)
  • Earrings: older gifts

White Blouse Outfit:




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