Pencil Skirt POW: Vintage Flair and Chic Classy Sunday Best

Outfit Mission Statement: Play off the classic pencil skirt with vintage-inspired pieces for a chic, sophisticated, and fun special occasion outfit

 Sunday Best POW outfits are special occasion clothes for dinning, theater, opera, holiday parties, church, and other such occasions that need something special. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the pencil skirt in general, and the cabi Fall 2016 Sigourney skirt in particular. The pencil skirt easily dresses up for a special occasion. Since the pencil skirt comes with chic sophistication and elegance, it is easy to combine with other pieces for a special look. Look for other pieces with chic sophistication and elegance to mix with the pencil skirt for maximum impact in any a special occasion.  For this outfit, I played off the classic vibe of the pencil skirt with vintage-inspired bold pieces, for a fun, yet classy look.


  • To play up the classic style of the skirt, consider other pieces with classic inspirations, like Channel-inspired cardigan
  • Feel free to mix vintage pieces (or vintage-inspired pieces) from different times, just choose a common theme like color or print to tie them together
  • Dress up solid colors with bold accessories and prints to add a pop of interest
  • Choose accessories, like your scarf, shoes, and clutch, that pull out one of your main outfit colors, like the turquoise of the skirt—even if the pieces don’t “match” you will have a sophisticated look
  • Add a small “arm party” of a few pretty bracelets that play off the colors of your outfit for a special pop
  • No room for a pearl necklace with your scarf? Add the classic touch of pearls in a pretty bracelet instead
  • A classic French twist always adds a chic elegance and sophistication

Outfit Breakdown:

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