Spring into Improved Style: My Personal April Style Challenge

It the time for new beginnings, growth, and cleaning out the old. This makes it the perfect time to improve your style! Maybe you want to start wearing wellies for some April showers puddles. Maybe you want to try some of the new spring colors. Maybe you are sick of your winter style and need some spring.

Whatever your challenge, let’s face it this April together! Take part in my Personal Style Challenge for April. Think about what changes you need to make to spring into improved style. Think about what is holding you back and Work It! Choose to work on that one area for the month of April and watch yourself spring into your improved style!

We will even help—you could win a $30 eSBe gift certificate to spring into some new jewelry too!

My challenges:

I have two style challenges for April:

  •   Nothing says spring like skirts and dresses. I have been bad about wearing them, so I am challenging myself to wear them more often!
  •  I will continuing to post-closet clean out organization and wearing those clothes that do not get enough love! With the clean out I “marked” all the clothes as unworn (hangers backward for hanging stuff, inside out for folded) and I want to work on making sure I am wearing these pieces or getting rid of them. I want to be better about not just wearing a few go-to pieces and taking advantage of my larger and awesome wardrobe!  

My Plan

  • Wear more dresses and skirts, especially casually, as I just have not mastered this and don’t do it. ·
  • Look for pieces I am not wearing and integrate them into my outfits.

So, what about you? What do you need to work on? Join me! Select a challenge for you to work on, develop a plan, and let’s kick those style challenges to the curb! Use the tag #WorkingMyPersonalStyleChallenge to show us how you are doing on Instagram. Or, leave a note for me in the comments here. If you enter, you can win!


The Prize:

Want some inspiration and motivation, beyond springing into improved style?  Work your person style challenge, as discussed above, and you could win a $30 eSBe gift certificate!  I am working with the fabulous eSBe stylist, Suzanne Joffrion to bring you this opportunity. To enter, use the tag #WorkingMyPersonalStyleChallenge on Instagram to show us how you are doing. Make sure you follow us both (@DrJennB and @suzannejoffrion). Or, leave a note for me in the comments here. Each post on Instagram and each comments here about Working your Challenge will be entered to win. I love my eSBe jewelry. The pieces are handmade. They have various cultural influences that blend with both tradition and a very stylish aesthetic. The pieces have real gemstones and a great mix of metals. I’m displaying one of my favorite pieces here, the Paragon Straps Cuff (which is only $39—so you could win this for $9 with the gift certificate!). Work your style challenge and win some of this collection! This is a great way to work your style challenge and spring into improved style.

To order from Suzanne or to check out eSBe, go to her site and use the Stylist ID 246131.

Suzanne is also having a special drawing! If you download and place an order through her Stylist ID 246131 on the new eSBe app, you could win a $50 gift certificate for all roder over $50 between April 1st and 5th!