Pencil Skirt POW: Working It Black, White, and Printed Chic Wednesday

Outfit Mission Statement:  Mix your feminine, chic pencil skirt with neutral mixed prints and classy jewelry for a put-together, fun, boardroom-ready look

Working it Wednesday outfits are professional career clothes, often a step or two above Manic Monday outfits. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the pencil skirt in general, and the cabi Fall 2016 Sigourney skirt in particular. A pencil skirt is perfect for work, of course. The chic professionalism of the pencil skirt pairs perfectly with a cute jacket or blouse for work. But it also lets you get away with some more interesting choices, as it adds professionalism to anything.  So, you can mix prints, wear a more causal shirt, and other things, and still look ready to take on the boardroom. This outfit is a fun mix of two cabi seasons and a mix of prints.


  • Play off the professionalism of the pencil skirt for unique and fun pieces
  • For a more put-together and professional print mixing, keep your prints to the same neutral colors, like black and white
  • For all-day comfort with the left of a heel, opt for wedges
  • Professional doesn’t have to be serious, feel free to mix prints in surprising ways in professional pieces
  • Add a pop of color in an otherwise black and white outfit for a pop of color and interest
  • A bun will also add some professionalism to more casual pieces, and compliments the chic, feminine pencil skirt

Outfit Breakdown:


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