Diving into a Stylish Summer! My Personal June Style Challenge

As I recently posted, I’ve been having some issues and did not keep up with this blog or my Instagram account.

But I am diving back in with the June Style Challenge!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, I host a monthly personal style challenge. Instead of giving you daily or weekly prompts, you choose your personal style challenge for the month. Maybe you want to wear more skirts or learn to mix prints? Maybe you dare yourself to bare your arms, like Kelly Gartner, our June style challenge partner, did last month. Maybe you wear too much black? Perhaps you want to try the cold shoulder trend? Whatever your issue or challenge, you choose it and Work It for the whole month. Post here, in the comments each day you work it or to Instagram with the tag #WorkingMyPersonalStylechallenge.

Each post enters you to win one of our fabulous June prizes:

  • Our grand prize is a $50 Stella & Dot gift certificate from stylist Kelly Gartner! I love Stella & Dot. They have some fabulous summer pieces and some on-trend collections like Summer Silver and Neutral Chic. We’ll post more about Stella & Dot here and on Instagram, so keep an eye out!
  • Our pink prize is a Seven Day Trail Pack of the New Plexus Slim (the link shows the older Slim). The pink drink is designed to help you lose weight and does so by balancing blood sugar and now (in the new version, which you could win) by promoting the growth of good gut microflora*. The ingredients are all natural--no artificial dyes or flavors.  I’ve found my mood is improved (no hanger here) and more balanced, I have less food cravings and less appetite, and I have so much more energy. I don’t even need coffee anymore! I’ll talk more about the Pink Drink below, should you be interested, with even some links to research. The older Slim Trail Packs cost $24.95. I’m not sure what the pricing will be on the new Slim, so I cannot give you an exact value, but it is likely more than $24.95. This is a brand new formula that I don’t even think you can buy yet. Luckily, the Ambassadors got a special early purchase opportunity, which I jumped on and am sharing with you!

So, choose your personal challenge(s), work them throughout the month, post here or on Instagram with the #WorkingMyPersonalStylechallenge, and be entered to win Stella & Dot or Plexus Slim!


My challenges:

Target scarf, Hamilton Tee shirt (from NYC show), cabi reversible skirt (older),  Nedala sandal  from JustFab.

Target scarf, Hamilton Tee shirt (from NYC show), cabi reversible skirt (older), Nedala sandal from JustFab.

For June I have two Personal Style Challenges:

  • Casual dresses and skirts: I wear skirts a lot to work and dresses not much. I’d like to work on wearing both more and doing so casually—not just for the office.
  • Shorts with longer sleeves: I wear sleeveless shirt or tee shirts with shorts. But I don’t tend to wear longer sleeved shirts with shorts. I do not know why not. I wear longer pants with tee shirts. So, I should do the reverse. And will work this for June!

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Our Partner:

Kelly Gartner is a stylist with her own fabulous style blog Kelly Gartner Style. She is also a personal stylist with Stella & Dot. We are both cabi addicts and met through our love of cabi! She does amazing closet organization and personal styling too. Kelly is full of style! Check her out on Instagram to learn more about style, get tips on closest reorganizations, and see some amazing Stella & Dot jewelry!


More about Plexus Slim:

Plexus Slim and other Plexus products.

Plexus Slim and other Plexus products.

I was introduced to the “pink drink” by my cousin, Diana, and after trying it out, I was sold. So sold, in fact, that shortly afterwards I became a Plexus Ambassador. Diana likes to call Slim “Balance,” which I agree is a much better name for it, because it does more than help people lose weight. It adds balance by balancing my blood sugar and helping me balance my life. I am a better mother, worker, wife, friend, family member, and person because of this drink, and I am more balanced. My experience has been great, but don’t just take my word for it. Plexus Slim has clinically demonstrated it can help you lose weight (I’ll see I can find and add a link to this study). Plus, the new prebiotic (xylooligosaccharide) has been scientifically shown to drastically increase good gut microbes, leading to better health for you. The prebiotics (not probiotics--prebiotics) are a new trend in health research with some great research behind them. For example, one article I found says “Prebiotics exert a plethora of health-promoting effects…. Prebiotics are being implicated in starter culture formulation, gut health maintenance, colitis prevention, cancer inhibition, immunopotentiaton, cholesterol removal, reduction of cardiovascular disease, prevention of obesity and constipation...” and another says ‘prebiotics… can also have an impact, improving sleep and buffering the physiological impacts of stress.” Buffering stress impacts? Better sleep? Cancer inhibition? Cholesterol removal? Reduced cardiovasualr disease? And more? These little buggers work miracles! Do note: None of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It’s my experience, the Plexus literature, and some research I did (and linked to).


More casual? Maybe not yet... Renee C Addae Knit Dress and Cole Haan Adair Bow Cap Toe Wedge shoes, both from Stitch Fix    (use  my referral link for$25 of your first Fix )

More casual? Maybe not yet... Renee C Addae Knit Dress and Cole Haan Adair Bow Cap Toe Wedge shoes, both fromStitch Fix (use my referral link for$25 of your first Fix)


* None of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration