Bardot Week in Review

Our ninth POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Bardot Shirt, a denim shirt with a boho, Southwest feel and lovely navy embroidery. This is the shirt that taught me to love denim shirts! With this boutique-styled denim shirt, we learned how to style a boho southwestern sparkly princess look; a classy denim & linen work look; and an easy, casual boho antiquing look. We learned to style denim-on-denim, different ways to tie and wear a denim shirt, ways to dress up a denim shirt, and more. We took the shirt from the office, to the flea market, to the garden, to summer theater, to a great date night. The Bardot Shirt is a versatile piece that adds a funky, boutique, boho, southwestern flair to your style wardrobe.

Without further ado, let’s review this denim week! Which is your favorite?

Ponte and Knotted Manic Monday: For a comfortable, professional Monday outfit, dress up your denim shirt with a navy ponte pencil skirt.


Outfit: Bardot Shirt from cabi Spring 2016. Newport Skirt from cabi spring 2014. Cami from Lila Rose. Lapis Teardrop Necklace With Pyrite Flecks & Crescent Moon Cutout by Solid Treasures. Silver customer made earring by Solid Treasures. Bracelet is part of the Villa Necklace from cabi Spring 2016. The shoes are older Aerosoles. For style details and tips, see the post.

June 06, 2016

Vibrant, Fun, Playing-in-the-Dirt Contrasts Tuesday: Mix up the jean, tee, and shirt look by wearing bright colored jeans and a denim shirt for a fun, casual, vibrant look.

Outfit: Bardot Shirt, Citron Curvy Skinny jean (also available in regular), and the Double-V Tee from cabi Spring 2016. Goldtone Measuring Tape Necklace by Zad. Druzy Ball Chain Pendant from Bauble Bar. Earrings are several years old. Blue velvet flats I purchased a few years ago from L.L. Bean. Check out the post for more details and earrings & flats alternatives.

May 31, 2016


Working It Wrapped, Classy Linen & Denim Wednesday: Make your denim shirt work for work by pairing it with a classic neutral linen trouser and sophisticated accessories.

Outfit:  Bardot Shirt from cabi Spring 2016. Everly Pant from cabi Spring 2015. Kipling Belt from cabi fall 2015. Michael Kors Selma Medium Satchel from Macy’s. Necklace & bracelet: Both part of the longer Heirloom necklace from cabi fall 2015. These are beige suede pumps from Target last year. Check out the post for alternative, tips, and styling inspiration.

June 08, 2016

Trendy Denim-on-Denim Thursday: When wearing denim on denim focus on pieces in different washes, weights, styles, and features for an on-trend, fun look.

Outfit: Bardot Shirt and Destructed Curvy Skinny jean (also available in regular) from cabi Spring 2016. Yet Another from Aerosoles. English Arrow Wrap Bracelet by Sloan Ranger. Turquoise earrings by Solid TreasuresMetal Necklace with Casted Graduated Paddles with Square and Teardrop Stones from Target. To find out more about dressing denim-on-denim, do read the post.

June 02, 2016


Pretty Pockets and Boho Layers Date Night: For an easy date night outfit for summer theater or other dates where temperature may change, choose a pretty sundress & a denim shirt as a fun, curve-enhancing layer.

Outfit: Bardot Shirt, Fresco Dress, and the bracelet & necklace are the transforming Villa Necklace, all from cabi Spring 2016. Unisa Eavvi Sandal sold at DSW. Rose Quartz Dangle Earrings by Shine Chaser Jewelry. Learn more in the post!


June 10, 2016

Casual, Easy Boho Saturday: For a distinctive, comfy, boho chic outfit, think outside the jeans box—wear flowy pull-on pants and a denim shirt instead.

Outfit: Bardot Shirt, Villa Pant, and the Marisa Top from cabi Spring 2016. Simple Shell Bead and Silver Wire Earrings by Shine Chaser Jewelry. Yellow Agate Crystal Pendant with Black Lava Stone Beads on Silver Hand Wrapped Wire Chainand Black Agate Spike Bead Pendant on Silver Stainless Steel Chain Necklace both by Shine Chaser Jewelry. Lapis Owl BraceletLapis Bracelet, and the Black Jasper Chain Bracelet all by Solid Treasures. Feather Ring by Solid Treasures. Acme Bootie by Crown Vintage sold at DSW.  See the post for more inspiration.

June 04, 2016


Southwestern Sparkly Princess Sunday Best: To dress denim up for a special occasion look, throw on the fancy—think tulle, sparkly gems, embroidered velvet, statement pieces, and amazing shoes’

Outfit: Bardot Shirt from cabi Spring 2016, 6-layer Tutu Ballet Ruffle Bridal Petticoat Princess Skirt Mini Dress from Amazon. Peacock Feather Embroidered Velvet Clutch from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store. Shoes are older from Target. Necklace is likely from Charming Charlie necklace a few years ago.  Vintage Crystal Studs from Stella & Dot. INC International Concepts Gold-Tone Beaded Faux-Leather Bracelet at Macy’s. Discover more in the post.

May 29, 2016




Bardot POW: Trendy Denim-on-Denim Thursday

Outfit Mission Statement: When wearing denim on denim focus on pieces in different washes, weights, styles, and features for an on-trend, fun look

TTT Thursday outfits are Trendy, Transitional, and/or Terrific—in other words my choice. It can be whatever other outfit ideas the garment gave me. It may be something very trendy, transitional, terrific, or something else. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Bardot Shirt. I should probably just rename “TTT Thursday” “Trendy Thursday” because I seem to focus on the trends! I’m doing that again this time. I’ve mentioned the denim-on-denim (or double denim) trend in a few previous posts (here, here, and most recently here), but this time I am going to focus on it, in this trendy denim-on-denim outfit!

Honestly, denim on denim is not a look I thought I would try, at least not with multiple blue denims. Maybe with some other colors. But, this shirt makes it easy and even fun for me to follow this trend. The faded denim is easy to pair with jeans in anything but lighter faded colors—so anything with a medium to dark wash. Plus, the darker embroidery can complement a darker jeans, creating a more put-together look.



When wearing blue denim on blue denim, keep a few tips in mind to rock the trend:

  • Choose denims in different washes or shades, such as a lighter and darker wash
  • Look for denims of different weights to provide nice contrast
  • Distressed or destructed jeans make a good bottom because the rips add some difference and contrast
  • Wear the lighter color on the body parts you most want to draw attention to and the darker on the body part you most want to slim or hide
  • Choose denim pieces with special features, such as the embroidery or the rips
  • Pair light chambray-style shirts with jeans for an easy “denim-on-denim” look because the fabrics are actually a bit different, giving you automatic differences in weight and color
  • Pop a red lip for some added fun
  • There are so many ways you can wear a denim or chambray shirt—I show it hear with a front tuck, a half tuck, and untucked and they each give a slightly different feel
  • When accessorizing:
    • Play up the feel of the denim with southwestern pieces (this especially works with the southwestern vibe of this shirt, but the denim-on-denim look often has at least a little of that vibe)
    • Play off the blue by adding more with your accessories
    • Or go for contrasts—choose accessories that are opposite the feel of the outfit (perhaps dressy accessories) or in strong non-blue colors (like orange)
    • Consider a statement necklace—the blue on blue outfit will make the necklace pop even more

Outfit Breakdown:






Front Tuck, but it looks like it could be a full tuck from the front

Front Tuck, but it looks like it could be a full tuck from the front

Half tuck

Half tuck



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POW 9: The Southwestern, Boho, Boutique Staple Denim Shirt

I’ve never been a fan of the denim shirt, at least not for me. They look great on other people. They are a wardrobe staple. They are incredibly versatile—easy to dress up and down, wear as layer or wear on its own. But just not my thing.

That is, until I met the Bardot Shirt. Yes, this is another cabi Spring 2016 piece. It is also not your typical denim shirt. It is a faded blue, which you can find many a denim shirt in. But, it also has a boho, Southwest feel with lovely navy embroidery. This shirt makes me think of New Mexico or maybe Arizona. Clear blue sky, turquoise jewelry, horseback riding, red dusty ground, and that desert vibe. It also has a casual, but tailored fit and distressed silver buttons. Plus, each one is unique with the fading of the denim. My cabi stylist, Joni Allen, says this is like a boutique version of a denim shirt, and I must say I agree.

Outfit:  Bardot Shirt ,  Villa Pant , and the  Marisa Top  from cabi Spring 2016. Earrings and Necklaces by  Shine Chaser Jewelry . Bracelets by  Solid Treasures .  Acme Bootie    by Crown Vintage, sold at DSW.

Outfit: Bardot Shirt, Villa Pant, and the Marisa Top from cabi Spring 2016. Earrings and Necklaces by Shine Chaser Jewelry. Bracelets by Solid TreasuresAcme Bootie by Crown Vintage, sold at DSW.

Outfit:  Bardot Shirt  and  Destructed Curvy Skinny  jeans from cabi Spring 2016.  Yet Another  sandals from Aerosoles. E nglish Arrow Wrap Bracelet  by Sloan Ranger. Earrings by  Solid Treasures . Necklace from  Target .

Outfit: Bardot Shirt and Destructed Curvy Skinny jeans from cabi Spring 2016. Yet Another sandals from Aerosoles. English Arrow Wrap Bracelet by Sloan Ranger. Earrings by Solid Treasures. Necklace from Target.

Outfit:  Bardot Shirt ,  Fresco Dress ,  Villa Necklace  from cabi Spring 2016.  Unisa Eavvi Sandal  sold at DSW.

Outfit: Bardot Shirt, Fresco Dress, Villa Necklace from cabi Spring 2016. Unisa Eavvi Sandal sold at DSW.

I see this shirt being what a flannel shirt is to me in the winter and late fall—a cozy shirt, a layer, something I throw on when cold or needing the lightest of jackets, something easy, practical, and worn on its own and as a quick go-to addition to nearly any outfit.

Now I’m a big fan of this denim shirt. And I may find my way to loving the more typical denim shirts. Yes, the Southwestern, boho, boutique Bardot Shirt will be my ninth POW (Piece of the Week). If you do not have the Bardot Shirt and are not interested in buying it, feel free to use any denim shirt in the styles I will show you. It will work best if the denim shirt is a bit loose so you can tie it. Otherwise, pretty much any denim shirt will work. You can also replace your denim shirt with a flannel shirt for fall and winter and try similar styles. I did feature a flannel shirt for the third POW, so feel free to follow those styles replacing the flannel shirt with a denim one!

If you would like the Bardot Shirt, contact your cabi stylist. If you do not have one, please contact me in the comments or via email, reach out to my (Joni Allen via email or phone: 770 502-5243 [call or text]), or find a cabi stylist near you. If you want a more typical or different denim shirt, check out L.L. Bean’s Denim Work Shirt (in two colors) or the Signature Chambray Shirt (on a huge sale!) or the classic Levi's® Long-Sleeve Denim Western Shirt at Macy’s (on sale and in four colors).

Do join us for the ninth POW and discover seven ways, from the office, night on the town, playground, home, and more to style this casual, versatile, unique wardrobe staple the Bardot Shirt!

Plaid POW: Working It Flannel Wednesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Even flannel can work in a formal office when combined with very professional pieces


Working it Wednesday outfits are professional career clothes, often a step or two above Manic Monday outfits. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the L.L. Bean Slightly Fitted Scotch Plaid Shirt in Deep Evergreen Tartan. This was a fun outfit to put together. I wasn’t sure if I could make flannel appropriate for a more formal office, and, look, I can and pretty easily. This outfits takes the tips from the Manic Flannel Monday post, where I discus show to do a more casual flannel work outfit, and applies them with even greater professionalism. So to incorporate professional clothing, make sure it is very professional. And nothing is more professional than a black or dark suit. Add a black suit jacket and black pencil skirt and you have an outfit that should work in the tenue de ville (or international business attire/informal [which is actually two steps up form business casusal]) office setting. Keep it going with a more formal hair style, such as a bun, and simple jewelry. Go with simple heels to look professional from head to toe. You can heighten the professionalism even further by wearing a long sleeves black jacket, which I discovered I no longer have. Now, don’t you want to rock some flannel in the workplace?



  • Even the most casual of shirt (such as flannel) can work for more formal work environments if combined with a dark suit 
  • Keep accessories simple and fairly small
  • If you have longer hair, wear it up in a bun, French twist, or other more formal hair style
  • It is okay to go with trendier items as long as the pieces are not loud—like this three-quarter sleeve longer collarless jacket
  • Keep the shoes simple to and match them to the color for the suit for added professionalism


Outfit Breakdown:


Want to work a Spring version of this outfit? Consider this outfit that applies the same rules from the cabi Spring 2016 collection, but uses a denim shirt instead of flannel: Lido Jacket, Bardot Shirt, and the Lido Skirt. Accessorize with the Aurora Necklace, Aurora Stud Pack  and the Artisan Marquis Cuff by Stella & Dot. Then, slip your feet into the Good Lux heels by Aerosoles for the finishing touch.