Destructed White POW: Soft mixed prints and rips Manic Monday

Outfit Mission Statement: Make those destructed jeans professional with a classy blazer, color colors, and a sophisticated print mix

Manic Monday outfits are easy career clothes to throw on for manic Mondays. This Monday we focus on creating a soft, pretty work outfit. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 of Destructed Slim Boyfriend jeans. White jeans, destructed or not, give you a nice base for highlighting soft colors and fabrics, such as the grays and yellows here in silk and a soft knit. The soft colors pop against white, especially an antique white, giving you a nice opportunity to wear those light, feminine garments. The white also is a nice base for mixing prints, as it does not compete with the prints. Of course, the destructed jeans need to be mixed with more professional pieces to make the average of the outfit appropriate for business casual. Often my Monday looks will not include jackets (I save those for the more professional Wednesday outfits), but more casual, easy pieces. But, if you are wearing destructed jeans to work, a jacket add a nice professional balance.  I went with a soft jacket that has almost a sweater texture and feel, so it is almost like a cardigan. With the soft woven jacket, silk blouse, and super soft jeans, this outfit is more comfortable than PJs, keeping an easy feel to your Manic Monday!


  • To balance the casual edge of the destructed jeans, wear a professional jacket
  • Mix soft feminine colors with the destructed jeans to further tone them down for work
  • Use the white jeans (or pants) as a base to show off lighter, softer colors
  • When mixing prints, especially prints of the same colors, make one of your main garments a white
  • Consider the rules for mixing prints, such as differing the size of the print and fabric
  • Do consider mixing yellow and gray, especially for work—I LOVE this combo (I’m even planning to paint my kitchen in yellow and gray)
  • To keep a professional feel to the outfit, wear jewelry in the same color scheme, especially any statement pieces (such as this lovely necklace)
  • Work with a limited palette to make the overall outfit feel more professional, such as the white, grey, and yellow palette here (with some subtle gold)
  • Remember you can replace white pants or regular white jeans here for the destructed jeans for a more professional look or if your workplace does not allow ripped jeans (mine does not)


Outfit Breakdown:


If you want the jeans, contact your cabi stylist ASAP! The season has closed, but she may still be able to help you with samples or access to the retired season pieces. If you do not have a stylist, please contact me in the comments or via email, reach out to my (Joni Allen via email or phone: 770 502-5243 [call or text]), or find a cabi stylist near you. Or, consider these alternatives:



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