Run Around POW: Muted, Playful Contrasts at Home Tuesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Dress down your black skirt in muted tones, with pops of fun and sunshine

No place like Tuesday outfits are casual, comfy clothes for working from home, working at home, parenting (at home), , and anything else where comfort is key and you are home. Although they will work for errands and anything else casual. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Run Around Skirt. This skirt is as easy to style down as it is to style up! There are many options to style it down. A tee shirt of any sort is instant casual and comfort! Or a cotton knit tank. Or a casual button down, like a denim shirt. Or, maybe those last two together? That’s what I went with here. A tee shirt is too easy. Plus, if you are like me, layers are great—something for cool mornings and hot afternoons.

If you really want to give this skirt (or other black skirts) a casual feel, follow my rule previously discussed in No Place Like Tuesday for Sky & Earth Explorers for dressing black bottoms: go for more muted colors not whites (or brights), such as heathered grey. I also suggest stripes, which works here too! This wonderful tank has a light heather gray stripped with yellow—a fun and casual combo (the grey acts to tone down the yellow). A denim shirt often adds a casual air, as does this faded one with amazing embroidery. Plus these four colors create some fabulous combinations—yellow and blue are a favorite combination of mine. Black and yellow always grab attention. Blue and Black are a trendy, yet classic, combination. Grey goes great with everything, but I especially love it with yellow (actually thinking of doing my kitchen in yellow and grey!). Together this make a fun, casual, interesting, and incredibly comfortable outfit for working from home or whatever casual environment you are in!


  • Don’t be afraid of fun color combinations in casual wear, such as black and yellow or blue and yellow
  • Keep your colors more muted when going casual with black bottoms
  • But don’t be afraid of some bright elements, such as stripes, to add interest
  • Think of easy ways to incorporate layers into casual wear, especially in the spring, when temperatures vary over the day (or if you have hot flashes or other things that cause quick temperature changes)
  • Have fun with your casual jewelry, such as featuring pieces with favorite or apropos animals
  • When working with a few main colors pull each out in your jewelry
  • Look for comfortable but fun summer sandals for your casual days—ones that let you walk on walls (even if low ones)
  • Have fun with your casual outfits
  • For an added touch, find fun ways to tie your denim shirt (plus this keeps from getting in the way)


Outfit Breakdown:




Photography by Bill Ruhsam of The Evil Eyebrow. Check out more of his photography.