Plume POW: The Stylish Safari Princess Thursday

Outfit Mission Statement:  For a trendy outfit with masculine and feminist touches, mix tulle and military/safari style


TTT Thursday outfits are Trendy, Transitional, and/or Terrific—in other words my choice. It can be whatever other outfit ideas the garment gave me. It may be something very trendy, transitional, terrific, or something else. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Plume Top. I had so much fun with this one. It hits two of the Ts—Trendy and Terrific. Let’s start with trendy. Tulle skirts are very trendy right now (and let’s face it, pretty terrific too!). The military-style vest is back on the trendy list too! The elegance and sex appeal of the D’Orsay shoe is also in right now. The shell statement necklace follows the statement necklace trend and even reflects the Pantone colors of the year—Serenity and Rose Quartz. The ring also has rose quartz as a main color. The belt in either styling is on-tend. Leopard print is so in right now and the skinny belt is a darker rose quartz color. In addition, the mixing of feminine (tulle skirt, colors, D’Orsay shoes, top pattern) with the more masculine and tough (vest) is very trendy right now and always terrific! All of these pieces are terrific, but I especially love the skirt, vest, top, and necklace… and shoes, and ring! I can’t decide, they really are all terrific. Together, this makes for one very trendy and very terrific outfit.

Did you notice the two belts? I like them both and felt they each give the outfit a different feel. The skinny, pink, metallic belt colors with the colors of the outfit and adds to the femininity. The leopard print contrasts more with the colors and thus pops. It also goes more with the military/safari vest, moving the outfit into a more adventurous and fun direction. The wider width and popping colors draw more attention to the waist and create more of a waist and hourglass shape. They both work and are great ways to finish the outfit. Which do you prefer?


  • If you want to try the tulle skirt trend but don’t want to look too “princess” or fancy, dress it down with casual pieces, such a tee shirt and military style vests— or consider contrasting it with more masculine pieces (like the military style vest)
  • When going with bold, trendy, statement pieces, accessorize in a single, more neutral color that supports the outfit and doesn’t compete (although the accessories can still be statement pieces, like this necklace, shoes, and ring)—you can even choose one that matches one of the outfit pieces like I did here with silver/gray
  • But, you can still pop one accessory like the leopard print belt—look for something eye catching, but also in a neutral (and yes, oddly enough, leopard print can be a neutral!)
  • Some military or safari style vests don’t have strong waists and can give a bulky look—to beat this add your own belt (wider belts work best, to a point) in a color that pops from the outfit may appear to give you more of a waist and hourglass shape
  • Try out alternatives—such as different belts—to see what works best for your mood or style
  • Don’t be afraid to have fun with your outfits


Outfit Breakdown: