Beyond POW: Trendy Layers and a New Basic Tuesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Go beyond your tee and jeans with a unique tunic tee and trendy layers

No place like Tuesday outfits are casual, comfy clothes for working from home, working at home, parenting (at home), and anything else where comfort is key and you are home. Although they will work for errands and anything else casual. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the Beyond Tee from cabi Fall 2016. In this outfit we see the Beyond Tee in its most basic form—with no extra styling of the panels. This is what it looks like—tunic length tee with two longer panels. It works perfectly in a casual, comfortable, yet stylish outfit. If you are a tee-and-leggings type of person, here is your stylish and funky version of it. You can add a warm layer, like the amazing Sweetheart Sweater, shown in some of the pictures. I love the mix of lengths with long sweater, long tee panels, and the tunic length tee underneath. Such fun! This is perfect for working from home, running errands, parenting, or just being chic and comfortable.

As a working mom, I often need to head out the door in a hurry while juggling kid, stuff for the day, and more. Adding a jacket and keeping track of it can be hard, especially when temperatures are variable. I find that a longer sweater can do double duty as an inside layer and a light jacket to run out the door with. Yes, you can throw the sweater on when heading out, or just have it as part of your outfit for when you will be doing a lot of in and out activities. It’s so much easier than stopping each time in and out to put something on/take it off. I know I am often juggling to much to do so. I love the Sweetheart Sweater for this. There are some other great choices from cabi this fall, including the Lara Sweater and Napa Vest.


Beyond Tee Styling Technique: Basic Beyond Tee

To work the “Basic Beyond Tee” technique:

  1. Put it on the frontwards way with the tag in back for a lower neckline
  2. Make sure the tunic and panels are not tucked in
  3. Go!



  • Think outside the normal leggings or jeans with a tee and look for unique pieces that are just as comfortable, like this Beyond Tee
  • Wear a longer sweater as both an inside layer and a coat for a quick and easy day of going in and out
  • Keep your sweater lighter to not add bulk or a few pounds
  • Go for a longer sweater with shape, such as a defined waist, to give the outfit shape—this may help shorter people rock the longer sweater too!
  • Add a gray leggings to break up an all-black look, but still keep the feel; or add some fun bright leggings to liven this up
  • Keep your shoes practical and fun with some patterned sneakers
  • Thrown on an easy over-the-head long necklace to go with the flow of this easy look


Outfit Breakdown:





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If you would like the Beyond Tee, contact your cabi stylist. If you do not have one, please contact me in the comments or via email, reach out to my stylist Joni Allen (via email or phone: 770 502-5243 [call or text]), Leigh Cheatwood-Harris (a friend’s stylist whom I have worked with also and can recommend: email and her site) or find a cabi stylist near you.



Fall into Spring 3: Back in Your Black Fall Jacket for Spring

This is part three of my Fall into Spring adventure (check out Rocking Your Fall Moto in the Spring and Mediating Your Fall Media Jacket in the Spring if you missed parts one and two). I’m highlighting six great pieces from the fall collection that you may have in your wardrobe and showing how you can wear them with the spring cabi collection or your own spring pieces. If you don’t have these pieces or if you are not a cabi fan, I’ll discuss how you can take similar pieces and rock the more traditional fall pieces this spring and summer!

Our third fall piece is the Turner Jacket! This was a very popular fall 2015 cabi piece. It has a few features that make fun and a bit different than your run-of-the-mill black jacket:

  • It has pointed ¾ length sleeve, which give it a fun edge and are easy to roll up
  • It doesn’t have a lapel, but has styling that makes it look like it does
  • It is a longer length, but no too long, providing a slimming overall look
  • The styling makes it perfect for work, but also great for more casual wear.





Black jackets are a classic wardrobe piece—a wardrobe essential! If you don’t have one with these features, you can pull out any of your fall black jackets. Or consider these blazers from White House Black Market:



  • A black jacket is such a versatile piece you can really wear it with anything, but for spring think brights and florals to best make it work in the season (and not look all wintry)
  • Consider wearing it over a sundress to add warmth, cover bra straps, and possibly make the sundress work appropriate (cabi has some lovely sundresses, like the Fresco Dress, Margherita Dress [the white one may work best, but either], or the Safari Dress (currently out of stock)
  • Black jackets totally rock with the fun, flirty skirts of spring! For instance, try it with the Isabel Skirt (either color) or any spring skirt you have in your wardrobe! This can be a great way to wear those skirts to work or a way to add a fun layer to a date night look
  • Black jackets and distressed jeans were all over the place in the fall—transition this look for spring with either white distressed jeans (such as the Destructed Slim Boyfriend) or over cut-off shorts
  • For an easy, casual look, wear the black jacket with the on-trend olive green utility, jogger, or cargo pant styles--I love mine with the amazing Traveler Pants from cabi (will get myself two pairs of these as they may be my all-time favorite pants), or other options like the American Eagle Utility Joggers I particularly like the ribbed cuffs in the sightly cropped length
  • The “black out” look is quite in this spring, so also consider ways to wear your black jacket with other black pieces:
    • For a casual, versatile, go-anywhere look, pair it with the Mesh M’Leggings
    • For a comfortable, modern yet classic work look, pair it with the Go-To Trouser (a favorite of mine this season)
    • For a trendy and fun look, wear it over a black or mostly black blouse, such as the Flore Top or Tivoli Top (as shown)
    • For a funky, casual, playful look, wear it over the Marble Pant

Your black jacket, whether the Turner Jacket or any other, can be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe—don’t just wear it the in fall and winter! Rock it all year long!


Outfit Breakdown:



Sometimes I accessorizes with my toddler--or he photobombs

Sometimes I accessorizes with my toddler--or he photobombs

Run Around POW: Muted, Playful Contrasts at Home Tuesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Dress down your black skirt in muted tones, with pops of fun and sunshine

No place like Tuesday outfits are casual, comfy clothes for working from home, working at home, parenting (at home), , and anything else where comfort is key and you are home. Although they will work for errands and anything else casual. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Run Around Skirt. This skirt is as easy to style down as it is to style up! There are many options to style it down. A tee shirt of any sort is instant casual and comfort! Or a cotton knit tank. Or a casual button down, like a denim shirt. Or, maybe those last two together? That’s what I went with here. A tee shirt is too easy. Plus, if you are like me, layers are great—something for cool mornings and hot afternoons.

If you really want to give this skirt (or other black skirts) a casual feel, follow my rule previously discussed in No Place Like Tuesday for Sky & Earth Explorers for dressing black bottoms: go for more muted colors not whites (or brights), such as heathered grey. I also suggest stripes, which works here too! This wonderful tank has a light heather gray stripped with yellow—a fun and casual combo (the grey acts to tone down the yellow). A denim shirt often adds a casual air, as does this faded one with amazing embroidery. Plus these four colors create some fabulous combinations—yellow and blue are a favorite combination of mine. Black and yellow always grab attention. Blue and Black are a trendy, yet classic, combination. Grey goes great with everything, but I especially love it with yellow (actually thinking of doing my kitchen in yellow and grey!). Together this make a fun, casual, interesting, and incredibly comfortable outfit for working from home or whatever casual environment you are in!


  • Don’t be afraid of fun color combinations in casual wear, such as black and yellow or blue and yellow
  • Keep your colors more muted when going casual with black bottoms
  • But don’t be afraid of some bright elements, such as stripes, to add interest
  • Think of easy ways to incorporate layers into casual wear, especially in the spring, when temperatures vary over the day (or if you have hot flashes or other things that cause quick temperature changes)
  • Have fun with your casual jewelry, such as featuring pieces with favorite or apropos animals
  • When working with a few main colors pull each out in your jewelry
  • Look for comfortable but fun summer sandals for your casual days—ones that let you walk on walls (even if low ones)
  • Have fun with your casual outfits
  • For an added touch, find fun ways to tie your denim shirt (plus this keeps from getting in the way)


Outfit Breakdown:




Photography by Bill Ruhsam of The Evil Eyebrow. Check out more of his photography.

Run Around POW: Working It Office Goddess Wednesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Bring some Grecian Goddess-inspired style to your office with draping in all the right places

Working it Wednesday outfits are professional career clothes, often a step or two above Manic Monday outfits. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Run Around Skirt. There are a lot ways you can dress this elegant, comfortable, and easy skirt to make it work for a more formal work office. Wearing it with a black jacket will create a formal suit look with the added elegance of the skirt. I decided to mix it up some with bright colors and a fun jacket, while maintaining a professional look. The same discussion I had for Manic Monday’s outfit on wearing this skirt for work still applies—wear this in place of a more typical A-line or pencil skirt. The drape gives it a Grecian Goddess feel—a power piece in any office, right? For the added professionalism of a Wednesday outfit, make sure you added more professional pieces. Instead of a cardigan, wear a jacket. Instead of a tank, wear a blouse. Instead of strappy sandals, wear peep-toe heels. Add some professional jewelry, and you are ready to rock (or rule over from Mount Olympus) that boardroom presentation!


  • Check out the tips for Manic Monday, as many fit here too
  • Mix classic work pieces, like a blouse and jacket, with a unique skirt for new take on boardroom goddess chic
  • When wearing neutral and smaller prints, consider popping a bright color in your blouse or accessories to add interest (and fun!)
  • As mentioned in the Plume Manic Monday, roll the jacket cuffs for a more modern take on the classic (and keep cooler during the summer heat or a hot flash)
  • When wearing a distinctive skirt and bright shirt, consider keeping your accessories and jewelry more neutral and basic, especially in more professional settings—but you do not need to be boring
  • Remember you can change the formality of the outfit by zipping up (or otherwise closing) the jacket some or all the way—the more closed the more formal
  • Power pieces for work can be ones that bring out the inner goddess in you, such as the draping on this skirt!


Outfit Breakdown:


Run Around POW: Elegant Layers and Brights Manic Monday

Outfit Mission Statement: Combine a unique skirt with office classics in bright colors for a different, upbeat career look

Manic Monday outfits are easy career clothes to throw on for manic Mondays. This Monday we focus on creating an easy elegant work outfit. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Run Around Skirt. With multiple layers and lengths, this is not your typical work skirt. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work for work! Since the various layers cover as well as a slightly above the knee skirt would (at least on my height of about 5’7), you could wear this in place of a more typical pencil or A-line skirt. Since it is incredibly comfortable, it is a perfect Manic Monday skirt. Its layers and lengths, along with the drape in front, give is a distinctive elegance that you may not normally do as you rush out the door on a Monday morning, but are as easy as pie with this skirt. The drape also helps hide any indulging sins of the weekend. If you want something comfortable, elegant, and unique to throw on come some Manic Monday, this skirt is a perfect choice. Plus, with the amazing Lenzing fabric you don’t have to worry about discovering the garment you planned to wear needs to be ironed. For a really easy, comfortable, and yet professional look, combine this with other wrinkle-free fabrics that are comfortable. I also suggest bright colors, to contrast the black and had some joy to your Monday. The cardigan and top I show here are great examples of both color and comfort. You can quickly throw the three on and run out the door, knowing you look great!


  • Combine pieces that are wrinkle-free and comfortable, but still professional, for a quick rush-out-the-door career look
  • Consider adding a distinctive, unique skirt to your work wardrobe, as long as it covers as well as your typical work skirts—favor these in skirts blacks or dark neutrals for a more professional look
  • Trying to hide the overindulgence of the weekend or some bloating? Look for pieces that drape around the problem areas, such as this skirt, hiding the problems in some Grecian style
  • If the alarm came too early and you look tired, consider brighter colors near your face to brighten you up and add some joy to your day
  • When dressing in brights and bolds, consider accessories that are neutrals (including mental neutrals like gold and silver), especially in more professional setting
  • When going with longer layers on the bottom, try short layers on top, such as a tucked in shirt and a cropped cardigan
  • If you are wearing one garment you feel is outside of what you typically wear to work (maybe on the boarder of your professional wear comfort zone), combine it with pieces that clearly professional, such as a floral top and cardigan


Outfit Breakdown:









Go-To POW: The Versatile Blackout Thursday

Outfit Mission Statement:  For a trendy yet classic versatile look, choose black pieces with a twist

TTT Thursday outfits are Trendy, Transitional, and/or Terrific—in other words my choice. It can be whatever other outfit ideas the garment gave me. It may be something very trendy, transitional, terrific, or something else. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Go-To Trouser. In many ways this POW outfit is all three Ts—Trendy, Transitional, and/or Terrific.

First, Trendy: Black is very on-trend for this spring and summer. In fact, cabi is calling the trend “summer blackout.” And you get “bonus points” for patterns and floral! The trend is black on black with those florals or patterns mixed in. In the dog-dog days of summer we may not follow this trend as much, when it feels too hot to wear black, but it is a great trend to follow in these cooler times. Plus, black is sophisticated, classic, slimming, and can seem a bit dressier than the same garment in another color. It’s a great trend to wear now, as shown!

Second, Transitional: This is also a good transitional outfit for two main reasons. Black tends to be more associated with the colder months, so it works well for that. But, with the summer blackout trend, it springs well into spring and summer. Plus the cardigan is a wonderful transitional layering pieces—light, but adds a layer of warmth. Perfect for those spring days that are not warm enough for short sleeves or that cool off at night.

Third, Terrific: This outfit is composed of some of my favorite cabi Spring 2016 pieces. The Go-To Trouser is amazing—comfortable, classic, and practical. The Tivoli Top is a best seller this season, and for good reasons. It is flattering, trendy, and unique. The taupe and ivory with black is a nice twist on the higher contrast white and black zebra print we often see. The flow of the top also masks any tummy issues. The relaxed Sorrento Cardigan is a wonderful layer. The knit is lovely and it has side slits for flow and movement. The oversized pockets provides a subtle mixed media look by being woven, not knit. I wasn’t sure about this cardigan, but once I tried it on, I was in love!

All three pieces are terrific—plus great accessories and shoes! So, this outfit is are Trendy, Transitional, and Terrific! Plus, it can work for a business casual work environment, a day at the playground, checking out a museum or the latest flick—this outfit is versatile!



  • For a versatile outfit you can work or play in, look for classic pieces with a twist (such as shorter pants and a mixed media cardigans)
  • Do play with the “summer blackout” trend, but if black washes you out, put colors near your face, such as a scarf or shirt
  • When wearing various black garments, make sure they are of different types of fabric, this will give a more mixed media look, rather than the appearance that one of your black garments is faded
  • If you do the summer blackout look with a print or floral, pull out that color with your accessories for a more polished look
  • With shorter cropped pants you can still create a long, lean look by wearing heels in the same color as your pants (repeated from Go-To POW: Manic Black & White Monday)


Outfit Breakdown:




POW Thursday Edition Week 1b: Trendy, Transitional, and/or Terrific Dealer’s Choice

Outfit Mission Statement: Consider mixing versatile, life-style friendly pieces with a nice jacket for a fun outfit that can work for you

TTT Thursday outfits are Trendy, Transitional, and/or Terrific—in other words my choice. It is whatever other outfit ideas the garment gave me. It may be something very trendy, transitional, or something else. This week I went with comfy, trendy, and fun. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi fall 2015 Media Jacket. To make it even trendier I added two key pieces: the over-the-knee boots and the skirt/legging combo. The best thing about both of these pieces are their toddler-friendly nature! I love the skirt/legging combo because I can get down on the floor and play with my kid, without flashing the world. The boots have only a slight heel, so they are comfy and easy to chase kids in. The skirt/leggings combo also has the advantage of covering your butt, so you do not need to wear a longer shirt or tunic over your leggings. You can through these on and whatever top you want. I tend to wear longer tops with them for two reasons: one, it still hugs my butt pretty closely and two, I like the layered look of a long top, over the short skirt, as you can see here (maybe, since they are both black it can be hard). The shirt here is a long sleeve tunic length tee shirt. I kept black on black to make the jacket pop more, but you can have fun with colors here to show off the tunic and skirt layers. I also added a bit of bling with the necklace, but you can tone this down for a more casual look. While the rest of the days of the week have clear places/time to wear the outfits, the TTT Thursday outfits will vary. This outfit can work for a range of occasions from a date to dressing up for the playground. I think it works well when you want to look good, but be comfortable, such as shopping, going to a museum, walking around an art fair, antiquing, going to the zoo with the kids, and brunch on a busy day.



  • Consider (if you have not already) adding this versatile skirt/leggings combo (cabi calls these M’leggings) to your wardrobe; they work great for anything leggings do, but have the added stylish touch of the skirt (without the impracticality); they also allow you to wear leggings without a tunic or longer shirt! 
  • Look for trendy pieces that work for your lifestyle, like flat or low-heeled boots if you run around a lot
  • Add a flashy necklace to up the dressiness of the outfit—remove it or put on a less flashy one to increase the casualness


Outfit Breakdown:

The clothing items in this outfit are all cabi Fall or Spring 2015, and no longer available. Contact me if you must have it and I may be able to direct you to a stylist who has it. I offer ways to substitute from you own closet or alternatives below. I normally will make the POW a currently available item, but my blog launched later than planned.

  • Jacket: Shown is the Fall 2015 cabi Media Jacket, which is now unavailable. From your own closet, you can substitute a cropped jacket and/or a flashy jacket in a shorter style. Or, if you want to purchase, here are a few other cropped jackets to consider instead:  
  • Shirt: The Layering Tee shown is a cabi Fall 2015 item, but cabi has some great spring alternatives: 
    • Gathered Tee: This will give you the closest look, while adding some visual interest to the layer with the gathering 
    • Fiore Top: The color flowers on this will had color and casualness
    • U-neck Tee: This is a fabulous piece over the M’leggings—I have a blue one from last spring and the combo is a favorite!
  • M’Leggings: Yes, the M’leggings shown are not available (cabi Spring 2015), but cabi loves us and has some these season—Mesh M’Leggings!  
  • Boots: Arwan Fashion Boots sold at Target (something that is available!)
  • Earrings: Vintage Crystal Studs by Stella & Dot
  • Necklace: Sadly the Casablanca Necklace has sold out at Stella & Dot (they do have earrings and a bracelet if you like the look). If you want a longer statement pieces, consider the Nile Necklace, the Azure Tassel Necklace, or the Alila Lace Necklace.




Want some outfit suggestions that follows the same rules, but with spring pieces? Consider either the cabi Spring 2016 Piazza JacketU-neck Tee, Mesh M’Leggings, and the Nile Necklace (outfit 1) or Piazza Jacket, Fiore Top, Mesh M’Leggings, and Azure Tassel Necklace

Outfit 1 Pop of Color:   cabi Spring 2016  Piazza Jacket   ,    U-neck Tee ,  Mesh M’Leggings , and the  Nile Necklace     

Outfit 1 Pop of Color:  cabi Spring 2016 Piazza JacketU-neck TeeMesh M’Leggings, and the Nile Necklace