Pleated Star POW: Nautical On-trend Librarian Manic Monday

Outfit Mission Statement: Mix a casual, graphic tank with a pretty skirt and classic cardigan for Manic Monday outfit

Manic Monday outfits are easy career clothes to throw on for manic Mondays. This Monday we focus on creating an easy, pretty and on-trend work outfit. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the Pleated Star Skirt from Canvas by Lands’ End. I think cardigans are perfect layers for easy Monday (or easy any day) career looks. They are likely more comfortable than a jacket and more forgiving of any weekend over indulgences. Anyone who has followed this blog may be surprised to learn that cardigans are a recent wardrobe addition for me. I did not used to wear them or even like them. They seemed too kindergarten teacher or librarian to me. Or at least for me. I respected a person who could rock a cardigan. Just on me they felt.. weird… stiff… something. No idea why. But then, I was convinced to buy a cabi cardigan, and I was sold. Now I have several, mostly cabi, but occasionally, I will add a pretty one of another brand, like this Target one. They are a perfect layering pieces and can work for anyone, not just kindergarten teachers or librarians (they just were smarter than me on wearing them).

This is another great transitional outfit. It would work wonderfully for summer, but also can rock for fall. The rope tank had a nautical feel, which is on trend for this fall (not just the Spring and Summer this year!). It gives it a fun, yet classic touch. The neutral color and textured pattern, gives it a refined feel, while toning down the tank and skirt.

I styled this with handmade jewelry for a more casual, natural feel, drawing on the beauty and uniqueness of the pieces. Feel free to dress this up more with statement pieces or even some pearls for a classier feel.


  • Never rule out a category of clothing—try it on in several styles and brands and think about if it could work for you
  • Trade out your fitted jacket for a soft cardigan for a more casual and comfortable outfit
  • Add elements of a trend, like the rope graphic, to be on-trend but not overboard (no nautical pun intended), which may work better in a casual office environment
  • When wearing eye-catching prints (rope & stars for instance) in a more conservative office environment, keep your outfit colors to a more limited and neutral-heavy palette
  • For a more casual, natural style, wear handmade jewelry featuring beautiful natural stones and gems—this may remind you of the weekend and prompt conversations
  • A flat and bare legs works well for warmer temps, but consider tights and boots when the temps cool
  • Longer hair? Don’t feel like putting it up? Consider a headband to keep it out of your face
  • Take a casual, graphic tank and pair it with a pretty skirt and classic cardigan for business casual outfit with some fun


Outfit Breakdown:

Interested in purchasing? If my post inspired you to buy the lovely Pleated Star Skirt from Canvas by Lands’ End or other items from Lands’ End, please consider using my referral link. I’ll get 25% off my next order and be very grateful! Let me know you used my referral link, and give you a shout out including links to your social media.


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Destructed White POW: Soft mixed prints and rips Manic Monday

Outfit Mission Statement: Make those destructed jeans professional with a classy blazer, color colors, and a sophisticated print mix

Manic Monday outfits are easy career clothes to throw on for manic Mondays. This Monday we focus on creating a soft, pretty work outfit. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 of Destructed Slim Boyfriend jeans. White jeans, destructed or not, give you a nice base for highlighting soft colors and fabrics, such as the grays and yellows here in silk and a soft knit. The soft colors pop against white, especially an antique white, giving you a nice opportunity to wear those light, feminine garments. The white also is a nice base for mixing prints, as it does not compete with the prints. Of course, the destructed jeans need to be mixed with more professional pieces to make the average of the outfit appropriate for business casual. Often my Monday looks will not include jackets (I save those for the more professional Wednesday outfits), but more casual, easy pieces. But, if you are wearing destructed jeans to work, a jacket add a nice professional balance.  I went with a soft jacket that has almost a sweater texture and feel, so it is almost like a cardigan. With the soft woven jacket, silk blouse, and super soft jeans, this outfit is more comfortable than PJs, keeping an easy feel to your Manic Monday!


  • To balance the casual edge of the destructed jeans, wear a professional jacket
  • Mix soft feminine colors with the destructed jeans to further tone them down for work
  • Use the white jeans (or pants) as a base to show off lighter, softer colors
  • When mixing prints, especially prints of the same colors, make one of your main garments a white
  • Consider the rules for mixing prints, such as differing the size of the print and fabric
  • Do consider mixing yellow and gray, especially for work—I LOVE this combo (I’m even planning to paint my kitchen in yellow and gray)
  • To keep a professional feel to the outfit, wear jewelry in the same color scheme, especially any statement pieces (such as this lovely necklace)
  • Work with a limited palette to make the overall outfit feel more professional, such as the white, grey, and yellow palette here (with some subtle gold)
  • Remember you can replace white pants or regular white jeans here for the destructed jeans for a more professional look or if your workplace does not allow ripped jeans (mine does not)


Outfit Breakdown:


If you want the jeans, contact your cabi stylist ASAP! The season has closed, but she may still be able to help you with samples or access to the retired season pieces. If you do not have a stylist, please contact me in the comments or via email, reach out to my (Joni Allen via email or phone: 770 502-5243 [call or text]), or find a cabi stylist near you. Or, consider these alternatives:



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Run Around POW: Elegant Layers and Brights Manic Monday

Outfit Mission Statement: Combine a unique skirt with office classics in bright colors for a different, upbeat career look

Manic Monday outfits are easy career clothes to throw on for manic Mondays. This Monday we focus on creating an easy elegant work outfit. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Run Around Skirt. With multiple layers and lengths, this is not your typical work skirt. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work for work! Since the various layers cover as well as a slightly above the knee skirt would (at least on my height of about 5’7), you could wear this in place of a more typical pencil or A-line skirt. Since it is incredibly comfortable, it is a perfect Manic Monday skirt. Its layers and lengths, along with the drape in front, give is a distinctive elegance that you may not normally do as you rush out the door on a Monday morning, but are as easy as pie with this skirt. The drape also helps hide any indulging sins of the weekend. If you want something comfortable, elegant, and unique to throw on come some Manic Monday, this skirt is a perfect choice. Plus, with the amazing Lenzing fabric you don’t have to worry about discovering the garment you planned to wear needs to be ironed. For a really easy, comfortable, and yet professional look, combine this with other wrinkle-free fabrics that are comfortable. I also suggest bright colors, to contrast the black and had some joy to your Monday. The cardigan and top I show here are great examples of both color and comfort. You can quickly throw the three on and run out the door, knowing you look great!


  • Combine pieces that are wrinkle-free and comfortable, but still professional, for a quick rush-out-the-door career look
  • Consider adding a distinctive, unique skirt to your work wardrobe, as long as it covers as well as your typical work skirts—favor these in skirts blacks or dark neutrals for a more professional look
  • Trying to hide the overindulgence of the weekend or some bloating? Look for pieces that drape around the problem areas, such as this skirt, hiding the problems in some Grecian style
  • If the alarm came too early and you look tired, consider brighter colors near your face to brighten you up and add some joy to your day
  • When dressing in brights and bolds, consider accessories that are neutrals (including mental neutrals like gold and silver), especially in more professional setting
  • When going with longer layers on the bottom, try short layers on top, such as a tucked in shirt and a cropped cardigan
  • If you are wearing one garment you feel is outside of what you typically wear to work (maybe on the boarder of your professional wear comfort zone), combine it with pieces that clearly professional, such as a floral top and cardigan


Outfit Breakdown:









POW 5: Getting Down to Business

Black Pants. Black pants are a wardrobe essential for any woman. They are more essential if you have a career that requires business casual and dressier. But even those whose career is raising their child or something on the casual side should have a pair of flattering black pants. This next POW will focus on a pair of chic, flattering black pants that may be a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Outfit:  Go-To Trouser ,  Cruise Jacket , and older Target suede pumps.

Outfit: Go-To Trouser, Cruise Jacket, and older Target suede pumps.

Let me introduce you to our fifth POW: the cabi Spring 2016 Go-To Trouser! These are a modern, chic take on the classic! The big difference is a slightly shorter length, making them ankle skimming (or so, depending on your height). They are a comfortable, flexible, and lifestyle-friendly mix of cotton, modal, and spandex for a crisp professional look you can move in. They are relaxed in the hip (great for those of us with bigger hips) and have a straight leg. The name is perfect—they will be my Go-To pants this spring and long into the rest of the year (and I suspect beyond). Do join us for the fifth POW and discover seven ways, from the boardroom, to the playground, to the fancy dinner, to style this chic version of a wardrobe essential.

In at least some of the photo shoots for this POW, I am wearing the sample, which is a size too big, including the pictures here. These pants should fit a bit tighter and smoother in the correct size. I hope to get my pair in time to finish the POW in them!


If you want to buy, please contact me in the comments or via email or my stylist (Joni Allen via email or phone: 770 502-5243 [call or text]) and we can get you set up.  It is possible any order you make will be included in a show total for me. If that is the case, for each $250 spent in my show, I get one half priced item. So, I’d be quite grateful of any orders! I promise to blog about what I buy!