Fall into Spring 4: Bring Your Navy Lace Forward into Spring and Summertime!

This is part three of my Fall into Spring adventure (see below for a list of the previous three) I’m highlighting six great pieces from the cabi Fall collection that you may have in your wardrobe and showing how you can wear them with the spring cabi collection or your own spring pieces. If you don’t have these pieces or if you are not a cabi fan, I’ll discuss how you can take similar pieces and rock the more traditional fall pieces this spring and summer!

Our fourth fall piece is the London Top in a lovely navy lace. One great thing about navy is that it is a year round piece—great for fall, spring, winter, and summer! You can check out another styling of this pieces that will also rock for spring in A Chic & Vintage About Town Thursday. This top is a fairly seasonless top, as it is a dark year-round color, lace, and short sleeved. In fact, it may seem more like a spring piece given the sleeves. As it happens, this is a very on-trend style for this spring too! The button-down style makes it versatile too—wear it as a shirt (buttoned) or a light jacket (unbuttoned). The color fits perfectly in to the cabi spring 2016 collection and the spring navy trend in general.

If you do not have this top, there are some other options available, including


  • Layer over a pretty spring blouse, such as the Bella Top, Positano Top, or the Fall Love blouse (as shown in A Chic & Vintage About Town Thursday, which can work for spring too
  • Mix it with the spring navys for a single color look, such as the Lido Skirt, Lido Jacket, and the Drape Double Drape Tee
  • Wear it under the denim Bardot Shirt (or other denim shirts) for a fun peek of fancy under the boho casual shirt
  • Make it part of a power suiting outfit, as shown here, by mixing it with a single bold color, such as this amazing jelly bean green you see in the Verde Jacket and V-Neck cami
  • Or turn it into a sexy date look with a pop of color by taking off the Verde Jacket, and wearing the London Top with navy  Lido Skirt and the jelly bean green V-Neck cami
  • Pop any bright cami under it for some fun (either V-Neck cami for example)
  • For a cute date night look, wear it as a light jacket over your favorite sundress, such as the Fresco Dress
  • Create a lacey nautical look by wearing it with navy stripes, such as over the Boat Stripe Dress or under the Cruise Jacket
  • For a pretty safari look, were it under the Explorer Vest or some other olive military or safari style vest
  • For a pretty date night look, find a fun flirty summer skirt, such as the Isabel Skirt, and wear it with a cami as a top

It goes well with a number of spring styles for pants and jeans:

  • Wear it with a nautical style navy pants, such as the Marine Trouser, for a lean long lacy nautical look
  • Go for a light hearted casual look by pairing it with the Strand Pant
  • Combine new neutrals, while mixing opposites by pairing ti with the olive utility style pants that are all the rage, such as the amazing Traveler Pant
  • Go for an easy, breezy look by pairing it with a casual white linen pant, such as the Piazza Pant
  • Create fun contrasts in style by pairing the pretty lace with the destructed skinny jean (in curvy or regular)
  • Create fun contrasts in color by pairing the navy with the bright citron (in curvy or regular)
  • Go edgy, casual, and feminine by combining the London Top with the white Destructed Slim Boyfriend jeans

I could keep going because there are so many ways you can rock your all navy lace with your spring navy, nautical, destructed, feminine, and other pieces and fall into your spring and summer wardrobe!


Outfit Breakdown:





The Fall into Spring Posts:


Photography by Bill Ruhsam of The Evil Eyebrow. Check out more of his photography.

Margherita POW: Easy Professionalism Manic Monday

Margherita POW: Easy Professionalism Manic Monday

Outfit Mission Statement: For an easy-to-throw on Monday outfit, grab your favorite sundress and then add a jacket, simple matching jewelry, and comfy shoes


Manic Monday outfits are easy career clothes to throw on for manic Mondays. This Monday we focus on creating an easy, flowy work outfit. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 of Margherita Dress. Sundresses are so easy to dress up or down. To make it work for a casual day at the office, simply throw a light cardigan or blazer on and you are good to go—perfect for a manic Monday. For these manic Monday outfits I try to go really simple and easy—things that require little thought for the hazy Monday morning mind and are things you can pretty much throw on and run out the door and be comfortable throughout the day. This outfit is a great example of that, while maintaining a professional feel. Dresses are about as easy as it gets. Blazers are a quick and easy way to make an outfit look more professional. Put them together—easy professionalism! If you work in a more casual setting, you can go with a cardigan instead, perhaps modifying the White Out Over Navy Saturday outfit!

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Margherita POW: Easy, Breezy Contrasts Tuesday

Outfit Mission Statement: For coverage and/or added casualness, wear a contrasting tied tee shirt over your favorite sundress

No place like Tuesday outfits are casual, comfy clothes for working from home, working at home, parenting (at home), and anything else where comfort is key and you are home. Although they will work for errands and anything else casual. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Margherita Dress. This dress just moves! I included a few pictures to show that off. I cannot help but twirl and sway in this fun sundress. For a casual fun look, seek out a sundress that is this much fun to move in!

Many a sundress has a more casual air to it. They are easy on, read-to-go choices and a perfect choice for a Tuesday at home. However, you may find some sundresses are not casual enough. Or, you may find the straps are too thin for you to wear a comfortable (non-strapless) bra under. Or, you may want more coverage. Or, you may want to mix is up. An easy, casual solution? Tie your favorite tee shirt over it! This creates and easy, fun, and certainly casual outfit that covers more! It is also great if you have some kid stain you need to quickly cover on the top of you sundress.


  • To dress down a sundress and/or add more coverage, tie your favorite tee shirt over the top
    • Consider a contrasting color tee shirt to make the colors pop
    • Tie the tee shirt it at your natural waste to create more of an hourglass silhouette
  • Pull out the color of your tee shirt in your accessories and shoes for a pop of fun
  • For a casual look, consider keeping your accessories smaller and more natural, such as semiprecious stones and vintage gold
  • Keep to shoes that are comfortable and easy to move in, just in case you need to walk on a wall (or really because you are being casual and dressing easy & breezy)
  • Casual doesn’t have to be boring—have fun with this by choosing bright colors and a flowy dress
  • Look for pocket for a practical, easy-to-parent-in or just live in choice


Outfit Breakdown:






POW 8: The Swingy Summer Staple Sundress

Until fairly recently, I did not have many sundresses. Then my husband pointed this out, so I tried to add more sundresses to my life. Now, I’m not sure why I did not have them! Sundresses are a prefect easy answer to nearly any outfit choice in the summer. Dinning al fresco? Sundress. Summer fair? Sundress. Errands on a hot day? Sundress. Work? Sundress with a cardi or jacket. Cook out? Sundress. Hot date? Sundress. Really anything? Sundress. A sundress is another wardrobe staple we should all have. And you probably were smarter than I and have several already!

Outfit:  Margherita Dress  and  Villa Necklace  (as necklace and bracelet), and  Dolce Charm Earrings  from cabi Spring 2016.  Unisa Eavvi Sanda   l   sold at DSW

Outfit: Margherita Dress and Villa Necklace (as necklace and bracelet), and Dolce Charm Earrings from cabi Spring 2016. Unisa Eavvi Sandal sold at DSW

For this Piece of the Week, I’m featuring a particular sundress—the cabi Spring 2016 Margherita Dress. This fun, boho-styled dress has a few features that make it not your typical sundress. First, pockets! I love me a dress with pockets! And it doesn’t get much more carefree and fun than a sundress with pockets. It has a longer length, not a true maxi, but longer than what I’d consider a midi length, which is perfect for, say... playing with your toddler. It has a handkerchief hem and is quite fun to twirl in. The straps are not spaghetti straps, but are a bit wider. Some of us may be able to get them to cover our bra straps. The waist is an easy elastic waist—forgiving when you have that extra burger at the cookout. Also, this dress comes in two colors. I’m featuring the classic navy and white one, which is cabi’s regular season dress, but also have a “limited addition” dress in white, yellow, and green geometric pattern. I’ve only seen the latter online, but it looks great too.

Like the other POWs, you can follow the styling tips with something you already have in your closet or something similar you purchase. Look for a longer length sundress, with a full skirt to best match the lovely Margherita Dress.

Do join us for the eight POW and discover seven ways, from the playground, to the boardroom, to the special occasion, to wonderful date night, to style this fun, swingy, summer staple Margherita Dress!



If you want to buy, please contact me in the comments or via email or my stylist (Joni Allen via email or phone: 770 502-5243 [call or text]) and we can get you set up.  It is possible any order you make will be included in a show total for me. If that is the case, for each $250 spent in my show, I get one half priced item. So, I’d be quite grateful of any orders! I promise to blog about what I buy!



Plume POW: Working It Classic & Modern Coco Wednesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Create a career outfit with the same put-together professionalism as a suit with a few modern interpretations of classic pieces

Working it Wednesday outfits are professional career clothes, often a step or two above Manic Monday outfits. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Plume Top. Nothing looks more professionally stylish than the clean, elegant lines of Chanel suit. You can mimic this look much less expensively by wearing this bright sweater cardigan with lines and details reminiscent of classic Chanel. Add the always classic pencil skirt and a lovely blouse and you have a clean, classic, and professional look. You can add modern touches through things like the bright trendy color of the sweater and the contrast of the bright yellowish sweater and navy ponte pencil skirt. Even Coco would love the ease of this look! Remember, nothing says a professional career outfit needs to be boring or a plain suit.



  • Pair a sweater with classic, elegant lines & details with a pencil skirt for a look just as professional as a suit
  • But, break up the more traditional single-color suit look by wearing the sweater and skirt in contrasting colors
  • If going for a classic feel, add those pearls, but modernize the look by choosing and elegant yet on-trend statement pearl necklace
  • If you look has a touch of an earlier time, like the 60s, play that up with a modern version of a hairstyle of that time (such as the French twist with a bit of volume) and maybe some cool sunnies
  • Neutral shoes allow your other pieces to take the spotlight
  • If you don't already have one, once again let me tell you, get a ponte pencil skirt and other ponte career clothes!
  • Button that sweater up for a dressier, more suit-like look, or leave it open for a more casual look (or vary it as the daygoes on based on body temperature and needed professionalism)


Outfit Breakdown:

  • Blouse: Plume Top from cabi Spring 2016
  • Sweater: Loren Sweater from cabi Spring 2016
  • Skirt: Lido Skirt from cabi Spring 2016
  • Necklace: This is the Fall 2014 cabi Contessa Necklace and no longer available. Consider instead these Stella & Dot options:
  • Earrings: These are cabi Fall 2014 Vintage Stud earrings and no longer available. But, consider these Stella & Dot options: 
    • Vintage Crystal Studs: These are about the same size and I tend to wear these interchangeably
    • Maddie Pearl Earrings: Perfect with the Starlet Pearl necklace, these elegant earrings will fancy up your outfit 
    • Déjà vu Studs: With a pearl on one side and a spike on the other, you can go classy or edgy
  • Shoes: These are beige suede pumps from Target last year. Here are some available options:
  • o   Lainee Pumps at Target
  • o   Glamorous by Aerosoles
  • o   Doppler Radar by Aerosoles
  • Sunglasses: Rectangle Sunglasses – Brown at Target

Michelle POW: Analogous Color Fun Saturday

Outfit Mission Statement: Combine analogous colors to create a fun, easy, and harmonious outfit


Play Day Saturday are clothes for taking your kids to the park, running errands, talking your dog for a walk, shopping, picnicking, travel, going to a museum or a zoo—out and about or home having fun clothes. These are the clothes you often live the best parts of your life in! The POW (Piece of the Week) the cabi Spring 2016 Michelle Cardigan. This outfit may look familiar. I loved it so much for the “The Transitional cabi Cardigan You Need Now: The Michelle” that I had to repeat it here. This outfit is worth a second look. This outfit I created playing around with cabi Spring 2016 collection. I had the blouse and cardigan on and thought I’d try the denim. I loved the result. This outfit is a mix of colors that go beautifully, but, possibly surprisingly if you don't know your color theory. The combination of yellow, green, cobalt, and navy in an analogous color scheme. These are harmonious color scheme often found and nature and that is pleasing to the eye. When applied correctly, analogous colors can create a striking and harmonious outfit that is easy to put together.


When putting together an outfit with an analogous colors scheme:

  • Choose a dominate color, ideally the brightest of the colors you are using (here I choose the bright yellow denim).
  • Choose a secondary color to support this dominate—this will work best if it is a darker color or lighter color than the dominate color (here I choose the navy in the blouse and cardigan).
  • Choose a tertiary color as an accent color. If you have more than three colors in your color scheme, make the remaining colors tertiary (The green in the shirt and the cobalt trim on the cardigan are my tertiary colors).
  • Make any black or white colors used accent colors.



  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, you may be surprised with what works.
  • Go to the color wheel for color inspiration when planning outs. Here are a few good visuals: about web design but can be applied to style too, basic color theory, and a style-based discussion.
  • When wearing a bright outfits with a lot of saturated color, keep accessories and jewelry more neutral, such as gold, silver, or cream
  • Consider leaving a flowy top untucked under a cardigan for an graceful layer over your bottoms
  • Do roll those jeans to show off funky shoes (repeated tip but a good one)


Outfit Breakdown:


Michelle POW: The Cropped & Contrasted Thursday

Outfit Mission Statement: Don’t rule out a trend before you try it on

TTT Thursday outfits are Trendy, Transitional, and/or Terrific—in other words my choice. Whatever other outfit ideas the garment gave me. It may be something very trendy, transitional, or something else. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Michelle Cardigan. I’m going more for trends this week. This outfit employs a few trends. First the crop top. Perhaps, like me, you shuttered when crop tops came back in, know that it was not a look for your body now. I was shocked when I tried this cabi Crop Top on. It’s longer than many, but still has the cropped silhouette and styling. It does not show off what I call my “mommy tummy,” as I feared. In fact, it’s rather flattering. I do plan to wear mine with higher waited items or perhaps a cami underneath so there are not occasional flashes of skin (or worse—the mommy tummy!). I’m shocked to say, I rather adore this cropped top! In fact, I think the length cuts right in the perfect spot to mask that tummy. Another trend in this outfit is mixing navy and black. This is such a fun, modern mix, which I have discussed previously. The navy and cobalt cardigan really add a pop of color to the outfit and cut the starkness of just black and white. It’s a pretty & fun layer over to other fun pieces. Stripes are also very in. These add a slight twist by being diagonal. And, yes, another m’legging sighting. These seem my go-to TTT Thursday pants! But that is because they are trendy, comfortable, and flattering. Really, if you don’t own a pair, go out and buy these. Trust me. You will wear them Thursday and the rest of the week!



  • Don’t rule out a crop top, even if you are not skinny and don’t think you have the best tummy area! Just look for one in a flattering style for your body type. You may find the line of the top work perfectly to hide (not flaunt) your problem area
  • Wear navy and black together—this is a modern, trendy look, with a classic history (very French)
  • Add a navy cardigan to a black and white outfit to tone down the starkness of the black and white and add an unusual pop of color
  • Don’t be afraid for mixing different styles, like this bold and almost edgy crop top with the classic and elegant cardigan with chiffon. This mix is fun and more interesting that an outfit composed of the same style of piece.
  • Buy thee m’leggings and thank me later
  • With a neutrals only outfit, wear bright, fun jewelry that pops


Outfit Breakdown:

  • Cardigan: Michelle Cardigan from cabi Spring 2016 
  • Crop Top: Crop Top from cabi Spring 2016 
  • M’Leggings (the leggings with a skirt): Mesh M’Leggings  from cabi Spring 2016 
  • Necklaces: Helios Necklaces (a pair sold together) from cabi Spring 2016 
  • Bracelet: Helios Bracelet from cabi Spring 2016
  • Earrings: Stone Twilight Earrings from cabi Spring 2015, and no longer available. Consider these alternatives, which also work with a white, black, and navy outfit:
  • Booties: These are old Aerosoles. Here are some current ones that could work:
    • Sundae: The black wedge boots have an elastic cross strap
    • Soterday Night: These Oxford-style ankle boots are also wedges
    • Duble Trouble: These low heeled (1”) ankle boots that look like you could keep up with twins wearing them



Michelle POW: Flutter & Sea No Place Like Tuesday

Outfit Mission Statement: For a casual nautical look, limit the nautical, but add a flattering cardigan and white jeans for a comfortably on-trend and classic look

No place like Tuesday outfits are casual, comfy clothes for working from home, working at home, stay at home parenting, and anything else where comfort is key and you are home. Although they will work for errands and anything else casual. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Michelle Cardigan. One trend that you can find everywhere this spring is the nautical trend. Navy and white strips (or white and red), anchors, boat shoes, fisherman sweaters, and military styling are showing up on runways everywhere. Of course, this is also a classic summer style (on-trend since the 1920s or earlier), so while on-trend this year, you know you will be next year too! The key to pulling off this trend (and maybe I need to do a post on just this trend?), is to keep it simple and limit the nautical to one main piece (and maybe some jewelry or accessories). But don’t go overboard (no pun intended). The Michelle Cardigan is a perfect cardigan to pair with nautical pieces. The navy goes beatifically, complimenting nautically-themed pieces but not taking the nautical too far.  One great things about the nautical trend is it is very versatile—it works for casual, dressy, resort, and even office. But today, we focus on casual. And what is more casual than a nautical stripped tee? This cute one from cabi is fun and flattering. Add the Michelle cardigan for warmth during cool spring days or summer nights. They go nicely with the also on-trend white jeans, for a cute, casual nautical-themed outfit.

Note: I am modeling a sample Michelle Cardigan (until I get mine!) and it is size bigger than I would purchase. So, know a proper fit would be tighter.



  • Don’t go overboard with the nautical style—limit it to one pieces and maybe some accessories
  • Worried that you can’t do skinnies or maybe you don’t like them so tight? Consider cabi’s answer—the slimmie—slim jeans that are not as skinny as the skinny but can be worn similar and give you the same amazing legs and long, lean look
  • You can do horizontal stripe without looking fat: go with thinner horizontal stripes; stay away from stripes that cling; look for pieces that use color or width of stripe to create shape;  or create your own shape by using belts, cardigans buttoned in the middle, or other items that show off (or create) your hourglass figure
  • Don’t limit the colors in your nautical outfits to white, blue, and red—orange provide a nice pop of contrasting color with the blue and white and works well for shoes or accessories
  • Do collect nautical pieces that match your style, since they will be in for springs and summer to come!
  • Do you have white jean? If not get them—they go with everything and add a pop of style (and don't wait for Memorial day to wear them—rock them all year round)
  • There are a lot of jewelry choices when it comes to nautical, especially gold, coins, and nautical symbols; however, when going casual keep the jewelry minimal and let the nautical theme speak


Outfit Breakdown:




Michelle POW: Date Night Aflutter

Outfit Mission Statement: Mix a cardigan with flirty and romantic pieces to set hearts aflutter

Friday Night Drinks POW outfits are for going out on a date, getting drinks, seeing a band play, going to dinner and a movie—something where you want to look good and may wear some sexier clothes and statement pieces. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Michelle Cardigan. There are many ways one could style this for a date. I went sweet and romantic. Skirts are always good for dates, as they give you a chance to show off your legs. Guys seem to like this. Gals seem to like it too. The flounces on this skirt are both fun and flirty. They also mimic the flouncy chiffon trim in the back of the cardigan, creating some nice continuity. The flounces and the chiffon add a romantic air to the outfit, which is supported with the locket necklace and charm jewelry, resulting in a romantic and flirty outfit for having a date or finding one.



  • Cardigans make wonderful layers over cute date outfits, especially if you need a layer of warmth or have a cute cami or tank and you don’t want your bra straps to show
  • Look for skirts that have ruffles, flounces, or other romantic and flirty features for date night outfits
  • For some classic romance, add an antique style locket, like the one here—even better if it is a functioning locket with a picture of your love or a lock of hair (this locket is function. I will soon have pictures in it)
  • When wearing a navy (or other neutral) cardigan for a date night, pair it with a colorful skirt to keep a playful air


Outfit Breakdown:

Michelle POW: Manic Peasant in Ponte Monday

Outfit Mission Statement: For a casual, yet professional, office look, consider ponte and a peasant blouse with your cardigan

Manic Monday outfits are easy career clothes to throw on for manic Mondays. This Monday we focus on creating a comfortable and easy work outfit. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Michelle Cardigan. This is a work-ready cardigan. It’s perfect for the office and doesn’t need any help becoming work appropriate. For a more casual and comfortable office look, think ponte and peasant. I’ve mentioned before the value of ponte knit for work. Ponte is the perfect work fabric, as it is comfortable but still looks professional. I had two pairs of cabi ponte knit pants I worked in while pregnant until I had to get pants with a maternity band—they are that comfortable! Here we are going with ponte trousers that feel have the comfort of yoga pants. To keep things casual, think peasant blouse. These blouse keep coming back into style (or not going out?) because they are so easy to wear and versatile. Since they do have a more casual style, this blouse tones down the more serious navy trousers and cardigan—adding femininity too. The looks is easy, comfortable, and ready for a Monday of work.



  • When you are trying to keep it casual, dress down navy trousers and a navy cardigan with a more casual blouse, such as a peasant blouse
  • For day-to-night wear the peasant blouse is perfect—it makes a good layer under a cardigan for work and then take off the cardigan at night and you have a casual and chic outfit
  • Seriously, get ponte for work and the rest of your life
  • For a super easy look, leave the peasant blouse tie out over your cardigan—this give your some visual interest around your neck without adding a scarf or necklace (you just saved yourself time!)
  • For a more casual look, keep accessories minimal (if you want dressier, add bigger/more attention grabbing accessories)
  • Navy clothing can be hard find the right color shoes to go with, even now that navy and black are fine to wear together; if this is an issue for you, look for neutral shoes in beige, gray, or navy
  • When wearing a lot of navy in a more casual setting, make sure one main garment is a lighter color to tone down the seriousness of the navy


Outfit Breakdown:

Interested in purchasing any of these cabi Spring 2016 pieces? Consider ordering through my current show. We should be placing the order soon. Please contact me in the comments or via email or my stylist (Joni Allen via email or phone: 770 502-5243 [call or text]) and we can get you set up. Any order you make will count toward my show total. For each $250 spent in my show, I get one half priced item. So, I’m be quite grateful of any orders! I promise to blog about what I buy!

Plaid POW: Working It Flannel Wednesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Even flannel can work in a formal office when combined with very professional pieces


Working it Wednesday outfits are professional career clothes, often a step or two above Manic Monday outfits. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the L.L. Bean Slightly Fitted Scotch Plaid Shirt in Deep Evergreen Tartan. This was a fun outfit to put together. I wasn’t sure if I could make flannel appropriate for a more formal office, and, look, I can and pretty easily. This outfits takes the tips from the Manic Flannel Monday post, where I discus show to do a more casual flannel work outfit, and applies them with even greater professionalism. So to incorporate professional clothing, make sure it is very professional. And nothing is more professional than a black or dark suit. Add a black suit jacket and black pencil skirt and you have an outfit that should work in the tenue de ville (or international business attire/informal [which is actually two steps up form business casusal]) office setting. Keep it going with a more formal hair style, such as a bun, and simple jewelry. Go with simple heels to look professional from head to toe. You can heighten the professionalism even further by wearing a long sleeves black jacket, which I discovered I no longer have. Now, don’t you want to rock some flannel in the workplace?



  • Even the most casual of shirt (such as flannel) can work for more formal work environments if combined with a dark suit 
  • Keep accessories simple and fairly small
  • If you have longer hair, wear it up in a bun, French twist, or other more formal hair style
  • It is okay to go with trendier items as long as the pieces are not loud—like this three-quarter sleeve longer collarless jacket
  • Keep the shoes simple to and match them to the color for the suit for added professionalism


Outfit Breakdown:


Want to work a Spring version of this outfit? Consider this outfit that applies the same rules from the cabi Spring 2016 collection, but uses a denim shirt instead of flannel: Lido Jacket, Bardot Shirt, and the Lido Skirt. Accessorize with the Aurora Necklace, Aurora Stud Pack  and the Artisan Marquis Cuff by Stella & Dot. Then, slip your feet into the Good Lux heels by Aerosoles for the finishing touch.

Love POW: A Chic & Vintage About Town Thursday

Outfit Mission Statement: Take romantic, vintage-inspired pieces and mix them with sleek, trendy pieces for a sweet, fresh and modern look

TTT Thursday outfits are Trendy, Transitional, and/or Terrific—in other words my choice. Whatever other outfit ideas the garment gave me. It may be something very trendy, transitional, or something else. This week I went with cute, classy, and trendy. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi fall 2015 Love Blouse. This outfit could easily work for a date night or a night out with the girls. I see a Valentine's day celebration, fancy drinks, gallery openings, dinner with friends, a weeknight celebrations, and theater in this outfit’s future (and it's great for standing in a driveway with the family’s chalk art!). This outfit is a fun mix of pretty and sweet with sleek and stylish. I love it! The trick is to not go too far with either the sleek & stylish or the pretty & sweet. The romantic Love Blouse, the pretty lace top, the vintage bead clutch, and the darling rose quartz earrings all add a pretty and even vintage feel. But add skinnies with rolled hems and sleek sexy shoes and you have a balanced fresh look. The neutral navy in the blouse, lace top, and jeans also pulls the look together with a more modern feel and tones down the sweet pieces so this is not sugary sweet. The mix of gold, a pewter, and silver in the earrings give it a chic touch that is not too matchy-matchy.



  • Pair romantic, vintage-inspired (or vintage) pieces with sleek modern pieces for a look stands out (and doesn’t go overboard in either direction) 

  • Draw the outfit together with a darker neutral theme—this will tone down any sticky sweetness and provide a modern feel

  • Roll those jean hems to show off sexy shoes

  • Accessorizing with different metals adds a chic touch and compliments (and updates) the vintage pieces

  • Consider a side ponytail when you want both sleek and free (this works especially well with waves and curls)

  • When you have clothing that has its own “built in” accessories—like the ruffles collar on the Love Blouse or the lace of the lace top, you do not need to add a necklace, as it could distract. But have fun with things further away from these built in accessories, like a clutch or purse and shoes.

Outfit Breakdown:

The clothing items in this outfit are all cabi Fall 2015, and no longer available. Contact me if you must have something and I may be able to direct you to a stylist who has it. Look for substitutes from your own closet or check out the alternatives below. I normally will make the POW a currently available item, but my blog launched later than planned and I wanted to share these outfits. The next POW will be of an available item, I promise!

  • Blouse: This is the cabi Fall 2015 Love Blouse. To find a substitute from your own closet, look for a feminine blouse with a special feature. If you don’t have quite the right blouse to substitute in your closet, consider these cabi Spring 2016 alternatives:  
    • Vita Blouse: This gorgeous draped blouse is also sleeveless and has a sexy cutout in the back
    • Bella Top: This feminize, fluttery blouse has a similar feel to the love blouse
    • Positano Top: This flowy top reminds me of vintage fabric but with very current colors
    • Gemma Top: This bright green beauty has eyelets and lace for a vintage and trendy feel
  • Jeans: Skinny jeans are everywhere. If you don’t already have some dark skinny jeans, I’m sure you can find some you will love. If you want something a bit less skinny (and white), consider the Slimmie. 
  • Lace Top: The London Top is, yup, a cabi Fall 2015 item and no longer for sale. Here are some different directions you can go: 
    • Capri Top: With crochet ivory lace in a flowing oversized design, you get a vintage bohemian feel. Consider wearing a bright cami or tank underneath to pop color and add some pizazz, such as the Tiger Lily Layer Tank or either V-Neck Cami
    • Piccolo Shrug: This bright, cropped shrug has a 60s feel
    • Portico Shrug: Another bright shrug, this has more of a modern feel with dolman sleeve and an open design
  • Earrings: These are Rose Quartz Dangle Earrings by Shine Chaser Jewelry
  • Clutch: This is a vintage clutch (I’m guessing from the 1950s or 1960s) that my mom bought me for Christmas. I’ll put the shop name in where she got it when she gets back to me.
  • Shoes: These lovely gray and pewter pumps are the Audrey Brooke Glenda Pump, which I recently got for a steal (under$20) at DSW, but are showing as $39.94 online

For a spring version with currently available pieces, consider: cabi’s2016 Spring Bella Top, Slimmie jeans, and Piccolo Shrug, with the Audrey Brooke Glenda Pump, Rose Quartz Dangle Earrings, and a vintage clutch.

An added bonus. Y'all want to see pictures of my adorable kid, right?

An added bonus. Y'all want to see pictures of my adorable kid, right?