Sparkling July Style! My Personal July Style Challenge

Running a bit late this month, but better late than never. Let’s work on our personal style in July too! For those of you who are unfamiliar, I host a monthly personal style challenge. Instead of giving you daily or weekly prompts, you choose your personal style challenge for the month. What do you need to improve? Maybe you go to casual with your summer wardrobe and want to spruce it up a bit. Maybe you are a female journalist who can no longer wear shoulder-baring styles in the hot DC summer for the speaker’s lobby and you need to find some new looks. Maybe you only wear black? Maybe you never wear a skirt? Perhaps you want to try the cold shoulder trend? Whatever your issue or challenge, you choose it and Work It for the rest of the month. Post here, in the comments each day you work it or to Instagram with the tag #WorkingMyPersonalStylechallenge.

Image is  Fireworks by Tom Childers  on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Image is Fireworks by Tom Childers on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Each post enters you to win one of our fabulous July prizes!

Our grand prize is a fabulous and sparkly fibi & clo of New York footwear!

You could win this! The Cabana Jelly in  beige with gold trim .  Photo by Kathy Roush

You could win this! The Cabana Jelly in beige with gold trim. Photo by Kathy Roush

The  white Kitten Ear , which you could win!  Photo by Kathy Roush

The white Kitten Ear, which you could win! Photo by Kathy Roush

You can choose either of the pool shoes ($35.00) or 50% off the footwear of your choice if you win! Kathy Roush is sponsoring this prize. Do check out her fibi & clo boutique site, Instagram account, or Facebook page! There are two styles in the Pool Collection line you may choose between if you win. My favorite is the chic and fun Kitten Ear sandals, which come in white, black, or navy. There is also the Jackie Kennedy-inspired Cabana Jelly, which comes in black with gold trim or beige with gold trim. Both styles of pool shoes come with a waterproof bag that you can use to keep your phone and other valuables safe at the pool or beach! I only recently was introduced to fibi & clo by Kathy. They have those lovely and often very sparkly quality sandals. I own the very versatile Florecita Gold, which have become one of my go-to sandals this summer. For an upcoming beach trip, I just bought a pair of the two pool shoe types and I can’t wait to see them and wear them (expect to see more soon!)

Slim and more! Win a sample!

Slim and more! Win a sample!

Slim, a.k.a the pink drink, is designed to improve gut health and help you lose weight. It does so by balancing blood sugar and by promoting the growth of good gut microflora*. I’ve found my mood is improved (no hangry here) and more balanced, I have less food cravings and less appetite, and I have so much more energy. I don’t even need coffee anymore! I’ll talk more about the Pink Drink below, should you be interested, with even some links to research. The Seven Day Slim Trail Packs cost $24.95 and the Three Day trial packs range from $11.95 to $12.95 (plus shipping for either prize). If you are not increased in weight loss and good gut health, I am happy to turn this into a $25 gift certificate to any of the other Plexus product, which range from a Breast check kit, pain relief, vitamins, probiotics, and more. All these products are backed by science and are made from quality ingredients.


So, choose your personal challenge(s), work them throughout the month, post here or on Instagram with the #WorkingMyPersonalStylechallenge, and be entered to win fibi & clo of New York footwear or Plexus Slim!


My challenges:

For June I have two Personal Style Challenges:

  • Casual dresses and skirts:  I’m taking my June challenge and running with it again for July. I wear skirts a lot to work and dresses not much. I’d like to work on wearing both more and doing so casually—not just for the office.
  • Giving the clothes some love: I (shockingly, right?) have a large wardrobe and some things get forgotten. My challenge this month is to find those things and wear them—new or old.

Follow me on Instagram to see how I do!

My plan:

I plan to reach for skirts when possible and look through the clothes I am not reaching for and either wear them or get rid of them.


Our Partner:

The stylish Kathy Roush, a.k.a Shoe Girl of Kansas, is an independent agent for fibi & clo. We met through cabi and she loves eSBe, so if you love either, you can bet fibi & clo are right in your style! Check out her fibi & Clo boutique. She styles the fibi & clo on her Facebook page and Instagram (@shoegirlofkansas), so join/follow either to see the amazing sandals, get pointers and ideas for wearing them, and enjoy the flowers and Kansas life of Kathy. If the in text links do not work for you, here are her URLs:


More about Plexus Slim:

I was introduced to what we call the “pink drink” by my cousin, Diana, and after trying it out, I was sold. So sold, in fact, that shortly afterwards I became a Plexus Ambassador. Diana, calls Slim “Balance,” which I agree is a much better name for it, because it does more than help people lose weight.  I am a better mother, worker, wife, friend, family member, and person because of this drink, and I am more balanced. My experience has been great, but don’t just take my word for it. Plexus Slim has clinically demonstrated it can help you lose weight (find out about the science behind it and the research!). Plus, the new prebiotic (xylooligosaccharide) has been scientifically shown to drastically increase good gut microbes, leading to better health for you. The prebiotics (not probiotics--prebiotics) are a new trend in health research with some great research behind them. For example, one article I found says “Prebiotics exert a plethora of health-promoting effects…. Prebiotics are being implicated in starter culture formulation, gut health maintenance, colitis prevention, cancer inhibition, immunopotentiaton, cholesterol removal, reduction of cardiovascular disease, prevention of obesity and constipation...” and another says ‘prebiotics… can also have an impact, improving sleep and buffering the physiological impacts of stress.” Buffering stress impacts? Better sleep? Cancer inhibition? Cholesterol removal? Reduced cardiovasualr disease? And more? These little buggers work miracles! Do note: None of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It’s my experience, the Plexus literature, and some research I did (and linked to).



* None of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

The chic and fun Kitten Ear sandals, which come in white, black, or navy. Which color would you choose?

Run Around POW: Muted, Playful Contrasts at Home Tuesday

Outfit Mission Statement: Dress down your black skirt in muted tones, with pops of fun and sunshine

No place like Tuesday outfits are casual, comfy clothes for working from home, working at home, parenting (at home), , and anything else where comfort is key and you are home. Although they will work for errands and anything else casual. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Run Around Skirt. This skirt is as easy to style down as it is to style up! There are many options to style it down. A tee shirt of any sort is instant casual and comfort! Or a cotton knit tank. Or a casual button down, like a denim shirt. Or, maybe those last two together? That’s what I went with here. A tee shirt is too easy. Plus, if you are like me, layers are great—something for cool mornings and hot afternoons.

If you really want to give this skirt (or other black skirts) a casual feel, follow my rule previously discussed in No Place Like Tuesday for Sky & Earth Explorers for dressing black bottoms: go for more muted colors not whites (or brights), such as heathered grey. I also suggest stripes, which works here too! This wonderful tank has a light heather gray stripped with yellow—a fun and casual combo (the grey acts to tone down the yellow). A denim shirt often adds a casual air, as does this faded one with amazing embroidery. Plus these four colors create some fabulous combinations—yellow and blue are a favorite combination of mine. Black and yellow always grab attention. Blue and Black are a trendy, yet classic, combination. Grey goes great with everything, but I especially love it with yellow (actually thinking of doing my kitchen in yellow and grey!). Together this make a fun, casual, interesting, and incredibly comfortable outfit for working from home or whatever casual environment you are in!


  • Don’t be afraid of fun color combinations in casual wear, such as black and yellow or blue and yellow
  • Keep your colors more muted when going casual with black bottoms
  • But don’t be afraid of some bright elements, such as stripes, to add interest
  • Think of easy ways to incorporate layers into casual wear, especially in the spring, when temperatures vary over the day (or if you have hot flashes or other things that cause quick temperature changes)
  • Have fun with your casual jewelry, such as featuring pieces with favorite or apropos animals
  • When working with a few main colors pull each out in your jewelry
  • Look for comfortable but fun summer sandals for your casual days—ones that let you walk on walls (even if low ones)
  • Have fun with your casual outfits
  • For an added touch, find fun ways to tie your denim shirt (plus this keeps from getting in the way)


Outfit Breakdown:




Photography by Bill Ruhsam of The Evil Eyebrow. Check out more of his photography.

Run Around POW: Elegant Layers and Brights Manic Monday

Outfit Mission Statement: Combine a unique skirt with office classics in bright colors for a different, upbeat career look

Manic Monday outfits are easy career clothes to throw on for manic Mondays. This Monday we focus on creating an easy elegant work outfit. The POW (Piece of the Week) is the cabi Spring 2016 Run Around Skirt. With multiple layers and lengths, this is not your typical work skirt. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work for work! Since the various layers cover as well as a slightly above the knee skirt would (at least on my height of about 5’7), you could wear this in place of a more typical pencil or A-line skirt. Since it is incredibly comfortable, it is a perfect Manic Monday skirt. Its layers and lengths, along with the drape in front, give is a distinctive elegance that you may not normally do as you rush out the door on a Monday morning, but are as easy as pie with this skirt. The drape also helps hide any indulging sins of the weekend. If you want something comfortable, elegant, and unique to throw on come some Manic Monday, this skirt is a perfect choice. Plus, with the amazing Lenzing fabric you don’t have to worry about discovering the garment you planned to wear needs to be ironed. For a really easy, comfortable, and yet professional look, combine this with other wrinkle-free fabrics that are comfortable. I also suggest bright colors, to contrast the black and had some joy to your Monday. The cardigan and top I show here are great examples of both color and comfort. You can quickly throw the three on and run out the door, knowing you look great!


  • Combine pieces that are wrinkle-free and comfortable, but still professional, for a quick rush-out-the-door career look
  • Consider adding a distinctive, unique skirt to your work wardrobe, as long as it covers as well as your typical work skirts—favor these in skirts blacks or dark neutrals for a more professional look
  • Trying to hide the overindulgence of the weekend or some bloating? Look for pieces that drape around the problem areas, such as this skirt, hiding the problems in some Grecian style
  • If the alarm came too early and you look tired, consider brighter colors near your face to brighten you up and add some joy to your day
  • When dressing in brights and bolds, consider accessories that are neutrals (including mental neutrals like gold and silver), especially in more professional setting
  • When going with longer layers on the bottom, try short layers on top, such as a tucked in shirt and a cropped cardigan
  • If you are wearing one garment you feel is outside of what you typically wear to work (maybe on the boarder of your professional wear comfort zone), combine it with pieces that clearly professional, such as a floral top and cardigan


Outfit Breakdown: