Favorite Brands & Shops

As will become quickly clear, I have a few brands I nearly exclusively wear. I am open to new opportunities, but am a loyal customer of brands I adore.While I will often post these brands, know you can use the tips and guidelines I present to style your own favorite brands. If you have a brand I must try, let me know!


  • cabi: By far my favorite clothing brand, I nearly exclusively now wear cabi. My closet is full of cabi. I love the style, quality, and fit of the clothes. The pieces are flattering for a wide range of women, versatile, comfortable, and often fun. I am not a cabi stylist or rep, just an addict. The link goes to my consultant's page. If you want to order, however, I suggest contacting her directly at: Joni Allen joniallen.cabionline.com; joni.allen@comcast.net; and/or 770 502-5243 (call or text). Please let her know I (Jennifer Bowie) sent you!
  • L.L. Bean: I'm a Maine native and love this native Maine company. The clothing quality is high. Some of the pieces do not fit my style, but I also have a few garments from them I adore. The Signature Collection has some great pieces, and I got one of my favorite dresses from this collection (last year).


Jewelry and Accessories:

  • Stella & Dot: Most of my newer mass produced jewelry is Stella & Dot. They have great jewelry, especially statement necklaces. It was through them I really started wearing statement necklaces. Before I was not comfortable with them. This link it to my stylist's site. If you purchase, let her know I sent you!
  • Shine Chaser Jewelry: These are handmade necklaces, earrings, and more. I bought some pieces through a sale for gifts, and loved the quality and design. I own a few necklaces and earrings and I wear them a lot! I'm in the process of working with Dana who is designing a few special orders. If you order, please tell her I sent you!
  • Solid Treasures Jewelry: These are stunning handmade pieces. I won one of the Personalized Stamped Rings through an Instagram giveaway. I got my son's name on the ring and plan to wear it constantly. I also purchased a lovely necklace and received a nice pair of earrings. The quality is great. I plan to buy more in the future. Maybe I'll even purchase one of the striking large rings and push my style boundaries (I don't tend to wear rings, especially not big ones, but it is one of those things I think looks awesome). 
  • Target: I love Target's scarves. They have a great selection and decent prices. And hey, I'm a suburban mom. I have to mention Target, right?
  • cabi: cabi has some great jewelry and accessories too!


Skin, Body, and Beauty:

  • Perfectly Posh: A good friend started selling Perfectly Posh, introducing me to the line. The products focus on pampering, which I know I need more of! They are made in the USA with high quality natural ingredients. I have sensitive skin and many of the skincare products work well. They also smell great! If you get one thing, get the Healer Stick. It is great for a variety of skin ailments from  dry, cracked, bleeding winter hands; eczema; zit recovery; and more. I could recommend a dozen products, but this is by far my favorite (and I love the other ones too). This link is my referral link, so I will get Perk Points if you use it (and I'll love you forever).